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  1. No sentimental speech about 2020 being worse than the 1940's or whatever, but shoutout to the uploaders. @Summers with his relentlessness & @desk @LKA @serafina for uploading albums in my wheelhouse. Goes without saying that you're all important to the site, but those are the ones( off the top) that regularly hit me with heat.
  2. Lol I knew your dumbass would pile on. "FUCK COPS". Keep fighting racial prejudice with your own prejudice, genius.

    1. InsidAero


      I will do so until they stop killing black people bud. Take care. <3 

  3. If you read through the thread the last 2 comments are pure gold.
  4. I appreciate the rationality. This combative moral grandstanding horseshit only works when there's an audience/group that they know' is there to support them. It just doesn't hold up face to face/one on one with no cheerleading squad. Time and time again when I'm talking to people I disagree with irl I think how easily the conversation could have turned into a shit show if it was online lol. It of course doesn't go that way though (for obvious reasons). I'm not responsible for some disgruntled dude's feelings who wants to blow things out of proportion and assume the worst about me. In hindsight I'm like "yeah that was a shitty comment. I'll be better next time.", but a lot of these people are incapable of of self reflection and looking at what THEY did to escalate a situation, or where they were at fault. I'm the dickhead that got mislabeled as "transphobic", but these hive mind clowns hitting the "ban" button can't see the fault in that lol. The lack of chill and clarity leads to so many unnecessary STUPID arguments. I usually try and avoid entertaining this type of thing, but it's sooooo prevalent "these days" that I had to vent. They want to keep talking about how I'm making myself "look bad" like I give a fuck. "Looking bad" in a room full of people that can't be reasonable is par for the course. Please pardon the rant, and respect for seeing through the bullshit.
  5. Anyways, I'm gonna go meditate the demons out of me. I had an extremely good time talking with you guys.
  6. Great rebuttal. Yes, it was a rude comment. I apologize to anyone that was offended. I'm not the fool casually mislabeling people though. We could have met somewhere in the middle, and realized this isn't that big of a deal, and just a misunderstanding, but your high horse doesn't allow for that.
  7. This should clean up in the prop department. "It's basic fucking human common sense to be tolerant to each other" is ironic as hell. How does a joke not landing/being a little careless make them intolerant of that person exactly? If we were more "tolerant" you would have saved me this sanctimonious ass rant. It's more difficult to concede when the people you offended are fuckin' cunts. Something to consider.
  8. I'm not digging the hole by myself. "Wokeness" is helping. If people stopped taking themselves so seriously and misrepresenting peoples views this would be a non issue. Either way...whether I disagree or not I'm gonna dial it back for my own sanity. From now on I'm only posting in threads about artists I'm a fan of. That's a decent enough compromise isn't it?
  9. I'll try, Summers. I'd ask you to keep an eye out for (and try not to enable) pseudo progressive nonsense. Look at a situation objectively, instead of pandering for props. This isn't even directed at Nier Automata either, seems like a decent enough person. But I've seen it countless times on here, and just happened to get wrapped up in it this time. Being an absolute shithead under the guise of supporting a noble cause is a fun identity a lot of people have adopted. Spot it, see it for what it is. If someone makes off color joke talk to them instead of dismissing and branding them as "-----phobic."
  10. I'm not transphobic, but I certainly will go somewhere else. This false accusation, mislabeling, "gotcha" thing is a real bummer. Social media is fuckin' ridden with it too. Btw...I didn't know the singer was trans (I don't listen to this band). Had I known I would have kept my shitty joke to myself. With that said, I'll continue to mock holier than thou, over sensitive, disingenous people who take some sort of thrill out of mislabeling people left and right. This shit is every where, man. I'm sick of it.
  11. Yes. As a straight white male pig I'm ashamed of myself for not knowing this. I too have PhD in Dipshit, but clearly I have homework to do. Will report back.
  12. That's a dude with gynecomastia (man boobs). Had you asked for their gender pronoun we wouldn't be in this mess. mR12 Edit: warned. Please be sensitive of others, regardless of your own beliefs.
  13. This is actually pretty good. That "Can you dig it?!?!" moment might be the most distilled dad rock moment of 2020.
  14. Lol they gotta be trolling wit that tracklist. Got Andre and Big Boi on back to back separate tracks.
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