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  1. Word? Heat Lightning and Serafina are fantastic.
  2. HAHAHAHA it's funny because Smash Mouth aren't a metalcore band!
  3. You alright?

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    2. InsidAero


      it was just a dumb internet joke, lighten up, i dont think youre transphobic lol

    3. InsidAero


      also my downvotes arent personal, if i see something i dislike i'll downvote, that's just how it is

    4. Dickhead


      I too downvote posts I don't like, but am confused because all my posts are iconic.

  4. Weezer has classics, but this is like what would happen if Nickelback collaborated with Foo Fighters at their worst. Dreadful.
  5. Forgot about these guys. Should be a fun listen. Easy, breezy, beautiful, coach slut.
  6. FFO Black Peaks, Radiohead, Arcade Fire with more bite, and QOTSA.
  7. Thanks for uploading this! Haven't listened to it enough to really describe it effectively, but it's fucking great. Don't sleep.
  8. Very nice. Hope she gets some momentum with the album dropping.
  9. Pussy probably smells like dirty ashtrays.
  10. Yeah, this sunk it's teeth right into my butt cheeks. What an album. Took a little longer to grow on me than the new 1000mods: but what what a stunner. Great day for music.
  11. Elephant Tree didn't quite meet expectations, but these guys definitely did. Great album. Believe it or not there's bands out there that still make stoner rock/pych albums that aren't predictable as fuck/mind-numbingly boring. Dig the grunge influence on this one too.
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