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  1. Wow this is stellar compared to some of the last stuff these guys put out. Brafuckingvo.
  2. Welp. Been a while since I heard from these guys. But this is pretty awesome so I'm excited for the record. Thanks for the post!
  3. Unpopular opinion(I believe) - Urantia is a complete banger. Phenomenal record. Might be my favorite cover to cover release yet by the Deftones
  4. Thanks for this. Never been a huge fan of his, but this record it solid from cover to cover. Thanks!
  5. Man, I haven't listened to these guys since the early 2000s, but good god this album is a force to be reckoned with. From the way that Quiet Storm opens, you just know you're in for a good ride. Thanks for this!
  6. Strange correlation here... but wanted to share it with you all. Welcome to my Ted Talk: Their first record which has that bottom of the bottle song on it... that record makes me physically nauseous. There's something sonically at play that doesn't sit well with my body. I mean PHYSICALLY ill, nauseous, puking my guts out. Everything after that is no problem whatsoever. So strange. Thanks for this. I'll check it out.
  7. Love this. Thanks a lot! Butch is a super talented and humble dude.
  8. Well damn. Thank you! This is pretty awesome, someone above described it as eclectic, you hit the nail on the head.
  9. Excited to hear this but half of me wants to wait for the 320. Decisions, decisions. #firstworldproblems Thanks for posting!
  10. Late to answer you, but I'm trying hard to get into it. The self-titled was fucking amazing, once they toned down the heaviness, I feel like they lost what made them interesting to me. I will say that although some of the newer stuff is softer, it's kind of got an edge to it even without the screaming. Worth a listen, I'd say. I'm really enjoying the stuff from the new album, thinking this could be a really good record.
  11. Thanks. Gonna go bump this in the gym for my first listen. Hope it has plenty more moments like Brain Pain!
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