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  1. Well that's a bit different for them but I dig it for sure. Have been a fan for a long time as I'm sure a lot of you have. Looking forward to hearing some more.
  2. This is absolutely phenomenal cover to cover. Thanks!
  3. And that initial reverb effect on the "aaahhhhh". I thought I was getting trolled and it was a remix.
  4. Nostalgia 101. I only wanna be with youuuuuuuuuu!!! They still have that hook, but Darius sounds much more refined and soulful, his country stuff did his voice well.
  5. Gonna check this out, thank you. Some songs on here I hoped I'd hear acoustic. Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much. Really needed this today.
  7. If this is so, I can't wait to hear it when the full quality version drops. Thanks for the heads up. Edit: The anticipations was killing me so I listened, this is a killer record, definitely for fans of Blue, like you said
  8. Hoping it's more like his first few records with the rock sound. Thanks for the post
  9. Oh yes, this is exactly what I hoped it would be. And I mean that in only the best way. Thank you for the post!!
  10. Damn I love this more than I ever thought I would after the singles. Lifetime HUGE blink fan. Blown away by this. Thanks a ton.
  11. Totally hearing Butch Walker's influence on this. That isn't a bad thing for some bands, but for Green Day it's not flattering.
  12. From the band that brought you the sounds of such acts as Toto, Black Sabbath, and TLC, comes Van Weezer! Cool track, just think the name/intro is funny.
  13. I actually like it. Is this the Pharell produced song? Hm.
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