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  1. If this is so, I can't wait to hear it when the full quality version drops. Thanks for the heads up. Edit: The anticipations was killing me so I listened, this is a killer record, definitely for fans of Blue, like you said
  2. Hoping it's more like his first few records with the rock sound. Thanks for the post
  3. Oh yes, this is exactly what I hoped it would be. And I mean that in only the best way. Thank you for the post!!
  4. Damn I love this more than I ever thought I would after the singles. Lifetime HUGE blink fan. Blown away by this. Thanks a ton.
  5. Totally hearing Butch Walker's influence on this. That isn't a bad thing for some bands, but for Green Day it's not flattering.
  6. From the band that brought you the sounds of such acts as Toto, Black Sabbath, and TLC, comes Van Weezer! Cool track, just think the name/intro is funny.
  7. I actually like it. Is this the Pharell produced song? Hm.
  8. This is quite a bit different, I just saw them at Warped Tour and they were heavy as hell. Not disappointed, just unexpected as a whole. Still gonne give it a good listen. Thanks for the post
  9. Yeah that one. Golden showers in the golden state.. 😂😂
  10. Did you ever check out his solo album? Has some really cool BCR-sounding things on that.
  11. Woooo I really enjoy the 4 tracks I've listened to thus far. Thank you! Crazy to think the instrumentals have to be added in after... That CD minute limit really hurt them this time lol
  12. WOW! Thank you so much. Wasn't even aware this was coming out. I Google searched and don't see anything mentioning it. You guys are the best.
  13. Haha came here to say the colors immediately reminded me of the newest Panic Division record cover. Funny.
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