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  1. Nice! I was pleasantly surprised with this release the first time around, excited to check out the new tracks.
  2. I dig it. Definitely a throwback to old tracks
  3. Usually guitars and at least a drum machine or vocals...
  4. Hell yes. This band is so consistently good! Thanks for the upload!
  5. I get it, just super disappointing. And by I get it, I guess I mean I don't get it lol just so not memorable to be. Not judging, just not the NIN I hoped for...
  6. I usually don't post or go out of my way to trash music that just isn't for me, but seriously...WTF is this? This is like a score for a film that does not exist. Quarantine: The Soundtrack. No words, no notes, only tones. He should've featured the guy who does the music for Law & Order, at least that guy had a funky bass line... This is like the musical equivalent of edging, only without the climax... You know what my favorite part was? The 30 seconds that sounded exactly like the 30 seconds before... I can only imagine what a live show is gonna be like. Loud noises while Rez just stands there... This album is like Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens, gonna be a huge build up ending with Trent Reznor taking a breath. At least he found a way to maximize his income; FIRE THE BAND. [END JOKES]
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