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  1. I came here by accident but I have no regrets. This is solid.
  2. @Matten08 Careful, your victim complex is showing
  3. I agree with @Summers on this, @Matten08. it's not that we were exactly happy you were gone, we just didn't really even care to notice after the chat died down - it's just that you were so easy to forget and move on from, that your specific brand of low tier trolling could've been done by anyone with a keyboard, some time, and some emotional issues
  4. @k a i y k o idk man, for my money, still.....scarlxrd goes harder
  5. I haven't met someone who listened to Silverstein that didn't know Smile In Your Sleep, tbh
  6. I've heard a few of the newer singles but was not aware of any releases from them soon, so thanks for this! Been needing some good melancholy.
  7. I didn't even know new stuff was released. Really into this.
  8. Upon finishing this album, I have some well thought-out notes to share with you all, if you have the time to read it all. Here goes: damn.
  9. About 3/4ths through this, and already it feels like one of my top for this year
  10. @TomoLust ah yes, the art of telling an already calm/not at all aggressive person to calm down. yeah, again, as someone who's more than familiar with those artists, i'll have to disagree with you. calm down, onii-chan
  11. @TomoLust tf you mean "tf you mean "how"?" did the definition of the word "how" change? i have been listening to mac for eight years and chance for five, and uh...yeah, i'm not hearing it. so, i'll ask again, how? what about this reminds you of mac or chance? who, by the way, are two artists that are already pretty different stylistically, so comparing one artist to those two would be saying many different things. if you made the claim that it's similar, it should be possible for you to back it up with an explanation as to why, right?
  12. If you enjoy the basics of metalcore, or just want a simple song that doesn't take any risks, this is for you. But, if you expect something beyond a generic "stick to what works" song, this is not it. Plays it safe, doesn't bring anything astonishing or even new to the table, just sounds like a tribute to the thousand other songs that sound exactly like this.
  13. Should...should someone tell this person about the massive success of SOAD? I mean. Roulette? ATWA? Spiders? It must hurt to be this empty-headed and bitter...
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