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  1. Idk, I think she is pretty sexy. Her music could be better, and she certainly doesn't sound like a man? Wtf? Lol.
  2. Haven't cared about anything GaGa related for a long while, is this like, her new look? Improvement over glimpses I've seen of her in the past after her first album.
  3. I think these guys are more than a little late to the party, lol.
  4. Any chance these links could be updated to working ones...
  5. Why even release it in two parts if it's just gonna be released all together...and...its okay. Not paramore, but obviously Haley.
  6. I blame that douchebag post malone for making people think its okay to make garbage like this, whatever this "genre" is. Auto-tuned over-produced bull shit.
  7. Just based on the band name and album art...I can tell this is going to be awesome.
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