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  1. I remember opening for these guys and Ice Nine Kills, the first gig i played, back in 09'. Man time flies!
  2. Solid track, but probably my least fav from the singles released so far, But still not bad by any means.
  3. It started with movies...then video games...now music...we are in the age of remaster/re-release it seems.
  4. Downloading this out of pure curiosity...wish me luck.
  5. Sounds like the beginning to an anime. Im gonna guess that's what they were going for.
  6. I had this album! Used to message the bassist, funny guys. Great stuff here. 🤘
  7. Dope! Solid track, FFAK never disappoints. 🤘 so good live too.
  8. Wish he woulda flew off that car and got ran over on that bridge. World would be in a better place.
  9. Million times better than CMFT, But RR is king.
  10. This is and always will be my fav BVB. Glad i saw them this era.
  11. I'll have to check it out, but i can't say i dig this one lol.
  12. I think he's finally lost it. Hasn't he always shit on rap? And i got it now...Corey Motha' Fuckin' Taylor. What a name for your solo project...he clearly isn't begging for the spotlight.
  13. CMFT? Im outta the loop. What is this. Is this some new solo stuff he's doin?
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