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  1. Looking more like Cody Rhodes after being fused with MGK lol
  2. for the first time Halsey doesn't fucking suck and I actually find enjoyment in an MGK album 2020 continues to get even more fucked up
  3. hold on let me make the only eminem comment we'll ever need. *ahem* *silence* continue on
  4. you're expecting my impatient American ass to wait until tomorrow???
  5. y'see The Living Tombstone only writes the odd song here and there about FNAF NWTB did an entire album about it
  6. They told us another song would come with Driver. That was a fucking lie. Seriously tho, FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  7. oh look it's the living tombstone for self-loathing virgins
  8. This shits all over I Prevail though Banger album
  9. Honestly I dig the fuck out of this album
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