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  1. I've been seeing that time stamp a lot lately, love y'all!
  2. Yes it's based off the film and thanks for the kind words bros
  3. You do, the drummer wanted to use the OG name, but there are so many on streaming, we decided to go with a swap, and are the only band with the name instead of being like the 8the band named Skyless Haha yea! This band was my baby for the longest time, and thank you so much! The plan is to do it as a side piece and release new content for you all
  4. Ah forsure, it hasn't uploaded to other streaming services yet only a few, but I hope you enjoyed it, originally this was released in 2013
  5. How did you get this lmao? I'm in the band, I'm not mad just curious?
  6. Thank you bro the new album is a beater but I'm biased since I helped write it. But technically you guys have already heard two tracks from it so far.
  7. Thanks for giving it a shot, I hope you all will enjoy the next effort even more.
  8. I've had this for about two weeks on repeat and it's a fire album, I do feel like 7.5 is extremely low for IA, but to each their own, side note I'll be dropping a cover of secret sun in about a week, hope you guys peep and dig it.
  9. It's annoying how much I can't stop jamming this.
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