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  1. Congratulations and thanks for the uploads! 👍 I actually keep buying more music because of this site.
  2. Hm, sounds pretty much where HIM left off. To be honest the EP leaves me very unimpressed. Seems like VV is still stuck in the same mold. The tracks seem ambitious but he goes for the same instrumentation and tricks like the past 15 years (with the exception of Venus Doom maybe). He needs a producer that pushes him to get back some edge. And to the guy further up who claims that VV&A sounds like HIM, he's clearly talking out of his ass. Get your ears checked. But thanks anyway for the upload 👍
  3. Nice song. Gotta check this out.
  4. Very interesting artist. Gonna check out their bandcamp page .
  5. Great album. I bought all their albums on bandcamp. Highly recommended for people who love shoegaze.
  6. This track is freaking great.
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