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  1. I didn't even know this was coming out, even with the various singles that have been leaked here and there. Lamb to the Slaughter, Way of Sorrows, The Greatest Sin, Heir to the Throne, Second Death and Deicide are incredible. Way of Sorrows or Deicide is definitely my favorite. Not sure why JT's screams over an IAA track remind me of Killswitch Engage from the Howard Jones days, but they do. And the uncleans on Deicide were so unexpected. That ending portion of Arcadia is fucking awesome too. Glad to see I Am Abomination back, it's been far too long!
  2. It's got some decent bangers. I agree with whoever said Head Hunter and Blood Wolf should have been on here. The Bilmuri feature was subpar, but I hope it gets more people to check out Johnny's stuff.
  3. Consider that Monster sponsorship fulfilled.
  4. Excellent album and a nice little feature from Aaron Pauley in there too!
  5. Can we get a ZGA vs. Eagle Owl boxing match? Asking for a friend.
  6. I have to ask, who did the artwork on this? I'm obsessed with the Dan Mumford style and I know for a while there Excorciate Designs was emulating it years back. ADTR's Homesick and TDWP's Plagues re-issue artwork are still some of my favorites. If anyone has any idea I will love you forever!
  7. This album is fucking incredible. Selfish & Helpless is quite the album opener, let me tell you. I get Motion City Soundtrack and Eidola vibes from the vocals all the way through too and I'm genuinely bummed this is only an EP. I WANT MORE!! Thanks a bunch LK!
  8. This album is one part cocaine-fueled night in Las Vegas and one part Xanax dream in Avalon. Too Late, Snowchild, Escape From LA, Faith, In Your Eyes, Repeat After Me, After Hours and Until I Bleed Out are good.
  9. This is super good, the only thing I found KIND OF strange was that trail off vocal by Sean near the end, I don't know why but it instantly reminded me of Landon Tewers accidentally stepping on his dog back during the First Born days, but it did.
  10. What a weird history to an album, can't wait to check this out!
  11. Odd request but if anyone has an idea of who did that album art, please let me know! I love this style. Dan Mumford is one of my favs Also excited for what this dude puts out especially after working with Josh Travis.
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