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  1. This is really good. People need it check this out, and don't even worry about that Nu-Metal tag.
  2. I mean I liked it, but for some reason SS never really stuck to me. This on the other hand seems great.
  3. better than I thought, but yet I don't go into any Palisades album with high expectations.
  4. this is awesome, and the cover art is sick too.
  5. This. Thank you. Came here to say this, but you spoke the words right from my mouth.
  6. some songs are alright, others are really meh. nothing that's god awful though.
  7. I mean it's better than what I've heard in recent years, but still those cleans are ROUGH.
  8. damn, Phil's vocals have taken a dive since the last time I listened to the band.
  9. well sheit. this is pretty good. I actually like the vocals too as they're quite unique.
  10. definitely the best song from this so far.
  11. this would be almost perfect if the vocalist did some serious highs.
  12. As much as I want to vote for Hellions, INK pretty much blew it out of the park.
  13. I don't have high hopes for the record, but I'm willing to give the release a shot at least.
  14. gonna be EP of the year right here.
  15. Surprisingly good. Even with the Nu-Metal aspects, they did them quite well.
  16. @Ashtielintentional or not, linking their fb to SCUM is hilarious.
  17. This was a lot better than I for sure thought it would be.
  18. Came here to say this: Please let this beat DGD in KL AOTY.
  19. just do everybody knows, the band went into the studio with exactly NOTHING written for this album. take the info how you want.
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