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  1. Love it. Bought it. Can't believe that they had a bundle for this and all past records on vinyl. Scooped that up real quick.
  2. Besides those "oh ohs" at the end, this song is miles better than Aggressive already.
  3. It's pretty hard to believe you're not a troll account when you look at how old your account is and your past comments.
  4. super excited for this album. this band kills.
  5. I like this band, but I can never get into them except for like once every 3-6 months.
  6. this band has some real potential, and that vocalist is amazing, but DEAR GOD is the production probably the worst I have ever heard.
  7. Was waiting for your presence to be shown on this thread.
  8. why does the screamer look like a 60 year old man?
  9. for anybody who's interested in knowing the mix, Mikey said in a live-stream a while back that Mizell produced The Bottom and Die For You and everything else is "self-produced".
  10. Well this leaked early af just like the last one. Album is dope. Love it. And from my personal experience, Mikey was a pretty cool guy. Signed my poster and took a pic with him a few years ago.
  11. I wasn't expecting it to be my pick for this month, but Night Verses put out a seriously great album. Also, I'm surprised Mike Shinoda didn't make the list.
  12. Would've made the song just a tad more perfect if they added a smidgen of pop punk somewhere in the mix. Also, Pineapple on pizza is amazing. Fight me.
  13. Until stated otherwise, I'm not considering X the first single of the album.
  14. I honestly believe this has AOTY candidacy potential for me.
  15. hmmm... idk about this. Opera Oblivia was my 2016 AOTY, but this is just a bit too slow for my taste of them, especially as a first single. hopefully listening to the whole album together later will give me a better perspective of this.
  16. can't wait to see the DGD fucc bois going against the BT fucc bois for AOTY. HYPE HYPE HYPE!
  17. This has major Woe, Is Me influences, and not in a good way.
  18. too much rhythm guitar, not enough lead guitar.