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  1. Attila - Guilty Pleasure

    I can't believe someone put time and effort into writing this.
  2. Loyals - Hold On (Single) (2018)

    this is GOD DAMN amazing. everybody needs to check this track out.
  3. Of Mice & Men - Money (Pink Floyd Cover) [Single] (2018)

    I am quite surprised by how much I actually like this.
  4. Hylian - Ukiah (Single) (2018)

    Think I just found my fave new band.
  5. Welp, I'm going to forget this song ever existed, and move on with higher octaves
  6. The Crossed - Fucking Cattle (Single) (2018)

    Song of the year, it shall be then.
  7. Where do you find this stuff?!
  8. The Crossed - Fucking Cattle (Single) (2018)

    I only want this song if I know the title is in verb format.
  9. Why did I listen to this???
  10. totally forgot that I had a band that fits this topic. CODA only album Mae Dae if anybody wants the album, pm me.
  11. OPENING THOUGHTS: At one point in time this used to be my favorite band. Many things have happened to this band over time that have changed my opinion on them, but also over the same time my music taste has widely changed. Let’s see if the comeback album of the year can live up to its enormous hype. Track-by-Track: 1. Alone In A Room This song is 100% not what I expected. It’s very in the style that AA is now, but I was not expecting it to be as soft as it is. This song is also a 100%-only Rock song, which makes it understandable as to what this song showcases, like Danny’s incredible clean vocal range. 4.5/5 2. Into The Fire This is one of the 2 songs I have heard before this release. I really like this track, especially when the screams come around, as it’s very in your face and highly welcomed. I also understand as a first single, they have decided to go with a sound that is more mainstream, but it is not unwarranted as this was expected when Danny is only inspired to make by rock music nowadays. If you have a chance to watch the music video for this, I suggest you should as it accompanies this song very well. 4.5/5 3. Hopelessly Hopeful With this song, I see that this album is definitely geared towards a more lyrical aspect than past albums. You can easily tell with this song that the lyrics have taken 1st priority, but also I don’t feel like the music has faltered either. As more simplistic as some of these songs have become, they still find ways to make them not boring. 4.5/5 4. Where Did It Go? This track is the other song I have heard before release, and it is also another lyrically-based track. But unlike the last one, this one highlights Danny’s vocal composition, as he experiments a lot on this, which even includes rapping at times. So far, this is my favorite track, as it’s very unlike AA to pull off something this different, and of this caliber, so well. 5/5 5. Rise Up This track provides a heavier taste to the album, as it has the most unclean vocals so far. This one also becomes the first repetitive song, but understandably due to, again, the lyrics they are trying to present. It doesn’t make it any more compelling for more repeat listens, but it is not nearly as bad as some songs that are out there. 4/5 6. When The Lights Came On I find this song very perplexing, as the chorus’s are so big and boastful, and then when they go to a verse, the song becomes the exact opposite of what it’s trying to convey. I don’t know about this one. It’s definitely going to take me few more listens before I decide to warm up to this track. 3/5 7. Under Denver Those crazy electronic beats during the chorus really add a nice touch to the vibe of this track, making it sound like a “long drive through a city” song. This will probably one of the ones that I remember the most off this album, later down the line when I give this a listen to casually. 5/5 8. Vultures I understand why an acoustic softer song has been placed on this record, but I don’t feel like it’s the right instrumentals to play for the overall tone of this record. It really breaks up the flow, seriously questions the placement of it. 2/5 9. Eve I like how this obviously became the heaviest song on the record, so far, but the chorus isn’t really changing the game here; it’s a lot of monotone-ness, and doesn’t piggyback off of any tracks before it. I almost think this was one of the first songs recorded for the record, being that it has nostalgic parts, and with it sounding like Danny didn’t fully come out of his shell as we obviously know he can. 3/5 10. I Am One Dang, I was going to say something really good about this song, and then the ending had to happen. So much repetitiveness in the matter of 10 seconds. Other than that this song was great. I had heard a style like this song before from other bands, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome to listen to. 4/5 11. Empire (feat. Bingx) Here we have the “obligatory 2nd to last song that is also one of the softest songs on the record but it’s not an acoustic track” track. Surprisingly, I don’t hate this, but I do feel like it could have been better. 3/5 12. Room 138 I was told that this track has a tribute to one of the songs off AA’s first album, and they were not lying. This song has serious feels, at parts, to “If You Can’t Ride A Horse…”, and as a huge AA fan, I very much appreciate that throwback for the fans. 4.5/5 ENDING THOUGHTS: I can definitely say that I did talk a lot about Danny and his vocals on this review, but being that the main hype for this album is mainly about Danny, and that AA has never really been an amazing instrumental band, it just seems aptly put to critique mostly about the vocals. Other than that, I can say that this is easily better than From Death To Destiny and The Black. I will probably be listening to this record A LOT in the upcoming months, and I can easily say I won’t regret it. Clean Vocals: 9 Unclean Vocals: 8.5 Instrumentation: 7.5 Creativity: 9 Originality: 8 Production: 8 Flow: 8 Composition: 9 Lasting Value: 9 Songs Kept: 11 out of 12 Final Score: 81/100% For more reviews from me, check out my website in the signature down below.
  12. Justin Timberlake - Filthy [Single] (2018)

    This is prob the first time where I'm curious to hear the radio edit over the original.
  13. Sienna Skies - Widow [Single] (2018)

    Super stoked for the album now.
  14. 2017 Album Of The Year - Initial Voting

    This is easily the hardest year yet for picking my 10 top albums and ranking them. So I won't. Top 10 in alphabetical order: Eidola - To Speak, To Listen 1. Fort Hope - The Flood Flowers, Vol. 1 Like Moths To Flames - Dark Divine Nothing More - The Stories We Tell Ourselves 3. Oceans Ate Alaska - Hikari Starset - Vessels 2. Thousand Below - The Love You Let Too Close Veil Of Maya - False Idol Villain Of The Story - Wrapped In Vines, Covered In Thorns We Came As Romans - Cold Like War Runner-Ups (alphabetical): Asking Alexandira - Asking Alexandria Embracer - No Gospel Falling In Reverse - Coming Home The Gospel Youth - Always Lose Siamese - Shameless Stargazer - Tui La Story of the Year - Wolves
  15. Attila "Retribution" album details

    FuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuCK. if this whole album is anything like Three 6, this will be (dare I say it) my AOTY of 2018.
  16. Embracer - No Gospel (2017)

    So glad I ordered the cd from their gofundme.
  17. Weesp - Illumination [Single] (2017)

    this is a good tune.
  18. Embracer - Crown of Thorns (Single) (2017)

    Can't wait till they start shipping the cds!
  19. Written Hearts - Sleepless Nights [Single] (2017)

    I don't care for this now, but I definitely see the potential in this band down the line.
  20. I Am King - Ode to the Authentically Desperate [Single] (2017)

    I'm just counting the minutes before the band demands to have this taken down.
  21. The Bloody Beetroots - The Great Electronic Swindle (2017)

    fuck. I just found this. I NEED THIS.
  22. Black Veil Brides - The Last One [Single] (2017)

    I'm so glad I never took to this band after their first album (it's not even that great either)
  23. When I saw the genre Southern Hardcore, I was not expecting this to be as dope as it is.
  24. All That We See - Perfect Mirror (Single) (2017)

    them instrumentals be