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  1. if ever me or staff, or a member, gets ours in it will be up.
  2. go glad I preordered the vinyl and deluxe cds for this!
  3. unless A Story So Far releases an album this year, this IS the biggest pop punk release for 2018.
  4. OH GOD.... How has this thread become a mutated form of SORRY?! also, this song is dope.
  5. the vid sounds interesting, and i do like the album cover. I guess I'll check this one out.
  6. my favorite KL pastime is when Lugz shows up and everyone starts to go bonkerz.
  7. Pleeeeeeeease release album soon!!!
  8. did somebody start the Djent War with this?
  9. that album cover is goddamm awful, so I changed it to something better. the music is not terrible though. atm, I'm keeping 9/12 tracks.
  10. FYI the old Scapegoat (NC) is now a band called KIT that comprises of only the vocalist and is a japan only band.
  11. been waiting for this one for a while. THANKS!
  12. I honestly disagree with this. I just listened to both ToM albums back to back and they don't sound raspy at all, and in fact, they're even vocal layered. Going from Instant Gratification, it's the first time he used minimal effects on his vocals and they don't sound nearly as harsh as this song.
  13. Whoever said this sounds like Secrets is correct. I also give Tilian 1-2 more albums before his vocals give out. I like this more than a lot of Mothership, but it still hasn't sold me on buying the album yet.
  14. Oh the answer is obviously ETF, but since we're talking actual good music, Greyhaven gets the vote.
  15. Looks like Three 6 wasn't just a 1 time fluke. ATTILA IS BAAAAACCKK!
  16. I actually took my statement back if you reread the thread.
  17. Even though this is a cover, it is a DAMN GOOD ONE.