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  1. faves: Wasted Night, Change, and The Last Time. some others were good, but seriously half of this is really meh.
  2. can't wait for more, but would have to agree that I want more than an EP.
  3. btw, did anybody else catch that Stephen King's It reference?
  4. HOLY FUKKIN SHEIT. That was the best song I have heard in a long time.
  5. the instrumentals are fine, perhaps even pretty good, BUT GOD are those vocals horrific, and that music video was CRINGEY AF.
  6. I don't like the production on this. the vocals seem a bit muddy.
  7. well this is the worst thing I've seen and heard in like a month.
  8. These guys are officially a '1-album wonder'.
  9. This sounds really interesting. The preview makes it sound like every track should be a bit noticeably different than the others. I should probably like at least a few songs on here.
  10. nahh, shrezz and fever were worlds better. plus why pick something I know will already win.
  11. fuuuuuuuuuuk. idk whether to choose Shrezzers or Fever
  12. 100% the worst thing Stoff has ever made. God this is such wasted talent and potential.
  13. I'm not necessarily a fan of this song, but I seriously see the potential these guys have in the future.
  14. One OK Rock's slower songs lately have been exceptionally good, and this song is nothing less. It's like a mix of new All Time Low and 30STM, which honestly makes me think the album could go really good or really bad. I myself also miss the older 1okR, but I actually liked a lot of Ambitions so I have hope for a really decent pop rock album.
  15. HAIL STAN!!!!! also, 16 minute song?!?! also also, I thought they were going independent?
  16. this is good, but I think the experimentalness of Crazy88 made Lauren more interesting.
  17. Ze fuk is this gaping wound on society?
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