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  1. Chapel - Sunday Brunch [EP] (2017)

    My track by track review here.
  2. Nerv - Enough (Single) (2017)

    SHIT IT IS! welp, now i'm in love with this.
  3. Fall Out Boy - HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T (Single)(2017)

  4. The Plot In You - NOT JUST BREATHING (Single) (2017)

    I thought their last album was kind of a mixed bag for me, but if they keep this type of style up I'll be stoked.
  5. Normandie - Pay for This (Single) (2017)

    probably one of the best and most consistent bands.
  6. Lilac Kings - What Brings Us Back (2017)

    reminds me a lot of Too Close To Home and Picturesque, which is awesome.
  7. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (2006)

    when released, the emo lords looked down on this record and became only slightly less sad.
  8. Softspoken - Begin Again (Single) (2017)

    This is pretty good. Went back to get their EP to try out some more.
  9. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    @Lord Kingdomadd this to the awards section when it's brought back up XD
  10. I needed this album in my life at least 6 months ago.
  11. This won my weekly review poll. Expect something on 11/11.
  12. Taylor Swift - reputation (2017)

    who wants me to do a review on this?
  13. Entheos - Dark Future (2017)

    the vox aren't completely horrible, but yeah, they aren't really anything special.
  14. Hail The Sun - Secret Wars [EP] (2017)

    I have yet to fully like a single Hail The Sun release, so hopefully this might change my mind.
  15. Makari - Control [Single] (2017)

    SHEEEEIT, Andy has certainly made this band now.
  16. Of Mice & Men - Warzone [Single] (2017)

    This is leagues beyond Sorry World, but I still find this kinda weak. And yes, Aaron's uncleans are a bit weird.
  17. Secrets - Five Years [Single] (2017)

    Not as good as Incredible, but still keeping up with being better than they have been. 4/5
  18. Threat Signal - Disconnect (2017)

    errythin > TS
  19. Divisions - Return To Silence (2017)

    was not expecting them to have 2 clean vocalists. I guess I'll check this.
  20. Concealed Reality - Hakai (Single) (2017)

    pretty good, if they stay this way and not add cleans.
  21. Blessed With Rage - Eternal Youth (2017)

    reminds me of eskimo callboy just without the "all party, all the time" influence.
  22. Trophy Eyes - Hurt (Single) (2017)

    Idk about this. Their last album was amazing, but this will definitely need some more relistenings.
  23. Story Of The Year - I Swear I'm Okay (Single) (2017)

    my hype around this album just keeps building and BUILDING!!!
  24. these are the types of things that I need in my life.