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  1. VErY MAtUrE.
  2. The first sentence I meant very sarcastically, insinuating that you refuse to give certain music a shot based off the members and their personalities, instead of the type of music they make. That is exactly what the music community is not about. Even Tim Lambisis is getting another shot from me, and he tried to murder his wife, yet I am here to determine if the music is good, not if the people are good. the way your thinking works for music is a backwards sjw way of thinking.
  3. such open-mindedness you got there... you are the exact opposite of what the music community is.
  4. This song is utterly amazing. Totally in my top 5 fave vocalists now.
  5. Wow. Sounds like you didn't even give it a chance. With you trying to defend Rebecca Black now, seems very hypocritical of you to shove off RR/FIR without a thought.
  6. I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that FIRs newest album is their best.
  7. Sorry.
  8. Prepare your weapons. The meme war begins now.
  9. dat breakdown at the end... good fuck-ing gawd...
  10. this is the kind of shit I expect from WCAR. hope they keep it up.
  11. I will say this album is different, and in a whole league of it's own, but I don't think I like this. Just a bit too experimental, and way too many interludes.
  12. I like this, but I'm going to have to listen to this a lot more times to get accustomed to it.
  13. I haven't had an album wow me all year for that #1 aoty spot, but hopefully that will.
  14. I applaud to this masterpiece of heavy shit.