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  1. Thomas Erak and Kurt Travis?!? You son of a bitch, I'M IN!
  2. Ehh, I kinda was expecting more. Still good, for the most part though. 7.2/10
  3. I reviewed this on my site in Russian (to the best of my ability). Overall: 8.4/10, very good album.
  4. Something about the album feels like there is something left to be desired about it. It feels just a bit too... safe. 7.5/10
  5. The first song with the new singer where I find it fucking fantastic.
  6. Well that was sick. This album just might be on par or better than their last album.
  7. Could you pm me a link to that, please? I'd love to have that copy.
  8. It's all listenable, but yeah from the very beginning I thought it sounded weird.
  9. did anybody ever notice that this is in fact a transcode?
  10. what in the holy hell was that music video I just watched?! Cause I loved it.
  11. Chiodos. There are others, but this is 100% the main one for me.
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