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  1. It's like if Emery and Eidola mixed together. Sweet.
  2. Only song I didn't like was the title track, but everything else is great. their best work imo.
  3. the best song to come from KP (easily) since Prism. Hands down.
  4. I liked World's Apart, I loved 27, but this... I don't like this. Sounds like a different band now.
  5. Holy Fuck! Did not know this released! Probably one of the very few tracks I would ever give a 100/10. Absolutely amazing with the new vocalist.
  6. Damnazing. Can't wait for the album.
  7. what is this band trying to be, Our Last Night??
  8. Yeah, without Scott's vocals it just sounds boring.
  9. God, their first album was amazing. Shame we got this now.
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