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  1. Oh hell yeah! More excited for this than anything else released this week, outside of TDWP. Totally gonna jam this on my way home from work.
  2. Finially getting a chance to listen. This album is such a mixed bag. Some songs are great, and others I practcally hate, like track 5. Holy shit it's terrible. And it pretty much insults me that they would put an awesome breakdown in the middle of it, especially with the awfulness that came before and after it.
  3. this song is great. I think the complaint about the autotune is a bit overblown.
  4. One of my most anticipated releases this year. So excited for this. Their last album is god-like post-hardcore.
  5. The rating comes from my official rating which is a 93/100. It's explained a little more on my site. But yeah, 9.3 is a weird number.
  6. early Capture The Crown; 'Til Death is pretty much an AskAlex knockoff.
  7. posted my thoughts on my review site. overall: 9.3/10 Easily in my top 5 this year.
  8. so Klayton is putting out new Scandroid, but he's not putting out the new Celldweller album that he announced LAST YEAR?!?!
  9. Aww shit. Time to listen to this masterpiece.
  10. I miss this band so much. Identify On Fire is one of my all-time fave albums.
  11. Last month was one of the better months of releases, but my pick has to go to Dayseeker. It is such a phenominal release that it's my #2 aoty right now.
  12. I wanna try something new. I'm posting a band, and I want people to roast them. Post more bands in this thread if you want them to be roasted too. If so, tag it with #ROASTTHISBAND so people know who to roast. Here's mine. Get to roastin'.
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