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  1. even though it's only about 1 in every 10 songs that I like of Mutemath, every release of theirs gets me excited.
  2. 100% their best song so far. need to drop that album tho.
  3. FINALLY! the first Oh, Sleeper song that I can get into.
  4. Yee boyz! Gonna be one of da best albums when released.
  5. This is amazing. Can not wait for the rest!
  6. Not bad, the ending of the track was the best part.
  7. This is really good. People need it check this out, and don't even worry about that Nu-Metal tag.
  8. I mean I liked it, but for some reason SS never really stuck to me. This on the other hand seems great.
  9. better than I thought, but yet I don't go into any Palisades album with high expectations.
  10. this is awesome, and the cover art is sick too.
  11. This. Thank you. Came here to say this, but you spoke the words right from my mouth.
  12. some songs are alright, others are really meh. nothing that's god awful though.
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