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  1. if dgd doesn't get aoty, this this probably will.
  2. definitely the most different from all the released tracks so far. and still better than aggressive too.
  3. Definitely an interesting rendition for this song. Excited to hear more as Vessels was in my top 10 best albums of last year.
  4. We are victims of the night.

  5. This is very thoroughly good until the last 3rd, and then it's kinda meh. 7/10
  6. I don't hate this like everybody is saying on here, but it is enough to make me cancel my vinyl order.
  7. Glad I waited for 320, and waited to buy this. The first half, besides Valhalla, is pretty mediocre compared to past stuff. Though the worst part of this album is JT's vocals, as they're so monotone and computerized throughout almost every song. Sad day for this once magnificent band.
  8. only problem I have is that I wish the vocals were a bit clearer in some songs, but other than that this album is an EASY 9/10. Serious talent right here peoples.
  9. this is quite possibly one of the biggest instrumental bands to take a turn worse for the boring.
  10. this fucking boi again lol
  11. idk how to feel about this. I absolutely loved Continuance, but this makes me question what the hell they're doing.
  12. I thought I was going to choose Miss Fortune, but very, very surprisingly Real Friends came out with a game changing album, and I've never liked them before this album.
  13. this band is seriously talented. I see big things for them if they keep this up.