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  1. Idk what's so bad about it. I didn't not like one song. In fact, I had quite a bit of fun listening to them.
  2. That album cover looks very famil... "looks at tracklist" Hey wait a second! You son of a bitch, I'm in!
  3. wow. this is terrible. probably the worst song i've heard all year.
  4. @Lord Kingdom this is not on the front page, tis why there are such few votes.
  5. first time really hearing from this band, and it did not disappoint. pretty excited for that album now.
  6. IAH was terrible, but my fave ETF album is Ungrateful, so my taste could be slightly off, who knows?
  7. Damn, THREE Jason Butler tracks in 1 day. New record!
  8. Been waiting what feels like forever for new music from this band. For anybody who hasn't listened to them, they are definitely one of the better clean vox only post-hardcore bands.
  9. All ^^^ aside, the song is pretty decent. Not as good as some of their older stuff, but still makes me excited to hear more tunes.
  10. wow, this actually is not terrible. I will say if it wasn't for the comments on this thread I would've never even gave this a chance though.
  11. Easily one of the best pop rock/punk bands out right now.
  12. am I crazy, or is every other band using the same album cover style or very similar like this one? other than that, this is pretty good.
  13. More heavy af than I'm used to from this band, but that does not stop me from loving this.
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