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  1. Congrats on Slipknot winning. Even though it wasn't my first choice, I'm just glad Amo didn't win. @LK Also I would love to see the results for that first round to compare it to this one
  2. would be better if the cleans were not ALWAYS on high.
  3. you got me with this. 1 more album for my collection here I come.
  4. I've never really been too much into FYS, but I liked Brain Pain pretty well, and I appreciate their greater use of a lower tuning for these new songs.
  5. Welp, it's confirmed. Andy Cizek can do everything. Literally everything.
  6. Stupid excited for this! Hopefully there are more like Mukanjyo.
  7. Was listening to a little bit of their albums to grasp what this band is like, as I've never really listened to them before, and now I want to listen to everything of theirs. So I'm glad this exists.
  8. Ghost Orchid was amazing, so I assume this whole EP will be da bomb.
  10. Their last EP was great, be it generic or not. This is just generic and boring.
  11. uuugggghhhh...... I'm officially tired of this band. This band thinks too highly of themselves making shit-ass music, especially when they know they have the chops to make something great, but they lazy as fuck now.
  12. Wish we could get new Hit The Lights, but I'll take this too.
  13. what... happened... to this band...??? that was SOOOOOOOOO generic.
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