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  1. dude is EASILY one of the best drummers you will ever find.
  2. There is nothing left this year that I know could become apart of this list, so here ya go.


    My Favorite Albums of 2020



  3. The amount of disappointment I have for @Lord Kingdom and @mR12 not allowing this community to live on is insurmountable. I've been trying to come up with something to express the way I feel about this announcement for 2 days now, but I know anything that I would say would just be out of pure exasperation for this situation. I have literally put a good chunk of my life growing up with this site, and to see it just disappear soon just quakes me to my core. Thankfully, I have found the way to move on from here through my own techniques, and hopefully everyone else does too. @HopesAnchor131 Thank you for making this. I have joined already, and hopefully it becomes something amazing. Shame though. KL didn't have to die.
  4. I will literally listen to anything Jag is apart of.
  5. This album is really shaping up to be the first one that I will seriously like from them.
  6. I hate to say this, but unless they somehow get an at-level or better vocalist than Tyler, this band is most likely DOA going forward.
  7. I have a sneaky feeling that this album will be better than Drift.
  8. I'm having an inner war with myself, cause I want to buy this vinyl, but I don't know if I will even like the album or not based off the singles.
  9. Wow... I haven't been impressed by a band I haven't heard of like this in a while. Can't wait to hear more from them!
  10. I just tried re-listening to this album start to finish, and the cymbals on here are so ear-piercingly bad that I had to give up 3 songs in.
  11. Yup, this is probably going to be in my 2020 Top 10.
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