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  1. if the last song didn't show enough MCR influence, then this one surely did.
  2. been waiting for this to grace my ears. let's see if it's worth my time.
  3. Finally a TAA song that doesn't sound like every other TAA song
  4. I would say those are probably the best songs on the album, but the album as a whole I haven't been connected to like previous ones, and this new song completely satiated my taste.
  5. SO GLAD this band is on my radar now. that vocalist has sum SKILLZ.
  6. as good as some of the songs were from their last album, i'm pretty sure this is better than the whole album.
  7. welp... I need this album RIGHT. NOW.
  8. I didn't get into TSSF until their latest album, but I honestly believe this statement is true, and they are one of the best pop punk bands. Here's to hoping for an amazing 4th album
  9. Never really took to this band before, but this is just straight up awesome.
  10. well now that the 320 is out I can say the only 2 I didn't like are Care and Shelf Life. and Evaporate is the best track for sure.
  11. Most Creepy AF Album Cover of 2018 award goes to:
  12. Shinedown gets my vote. my fave album from them so far. anybody that votes for TWA just has terrible taste.