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  1. blessthefall - Hard Feelings (2018)

    welp, time for me to take my lunch at work. Update: Finally got a chance to listen to the whole thing in one go. It's very good considering it's their softest album. Still wish it was heavier, but will gladly take this over 75% of TTLB. I'll have to listen to this more before I officially rank it though.
  2. WVNDER - Angry or Sad (Angry Version) [Single] (2018)

    they had to do it that way because someone else copyrighted that name.
  3. Miss Fortune - The Hype You Stole (Single) (2018)

    yeah. I watched a fb live-stream of Mikey and he said it was just him, josh, and a producer.
  4. Miss Fortune - The Hype You Stole (Single) (2018)

    @Crash Bandicoot thanks! you da best.
  5. TesseracT - King [Single] (2018)

    just so people know, amazon is selling the white vinyl that you can't get outside of a bundle for the US. also, this song is amazing.
  6. Kevlar - For What Its Worth (Single) (2018)

    this pretty sick. been looking for some more good heavy female fronted bands.
  7. Greyhaven - Empty Black (2018)

    so fucking excited to listen to this!
  8. Parkway Drive - The Void (Single) (2018)

    Oh look, some boring ass radio shit.
  9. Bilmuri - G R A D I E N T [Single] (2018)

    papa bless
  10. Why is the option to buy only the vinyl not available??? Edit: nevermind, the items don't even ship to the US. bogus.
  11. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    Favorite Genre: K-Pop
  12. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    this album bores me.
  13. Notions - Persona (Single) (2018)

    so.... volumes?...
  14. Softspoken - Pathways (Deluxe) (2018)

    just for reference: tracks 1-7 are a Cameron Mizell production.