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  1. The new vocalist is great and they still have both a sax and guitar solo, which is all that matters.
  2. Hot damn! I stopped EVERYTHING to listen to this beauty and I was most pleased.
  3. By all means is this not a bad song, it's pretty catchy and I will probably listen to it lots more, but AS SOON as the song started I instantly thought about multiple other songs that sounded just like this one, so it makes me believe that the originality of this band is long gone.
  4. wasn't expecting any new music to come from this band for a while.
  5. This sounds like a heavier The Word Alive "Dark Matter".
  6. I love everything about this except for the unclean vocals. If those were gone this song would be perfect.
  7. You know, I wish they would just make new music instead of putting out old songs and shit like this.
  8. I talk more about the album on my review, but the only opinion I want to say here is that the title track (track 4) is terrible. The album as a whole: ~7.5/10 Not their best, nor even in my top 3, but a bunch of tracks will probably be on repeat.
  9. I thought Currents' album would have me the most hype for this year, but after hearing these singles I am ridiculously overly excited for this album. This is also shaping up to be an atheist's/satanist's wet dream album.
  10. Even though it's not my favorite Slaves album, To Better Days has some of their best bangers.
  11. this band used to be so much better.
  12. @Zephyr Sunrise already posted, plus you're missing track 2 in the list
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