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  1. A few songs are good, especially Drown, but most tracks sound like every other track.
  2. Finally got my chance to listen. Some songs are really good, but not a single track really shines as amazing.
  3. Attila, Blink 182, Falling In Reverse, I See Stars are some that I think can actually pull it off right now and get good sales.
  4. Well fuck me... I like this more than all the other singles.
  5. I like MF, but please, somebody burn this with fire.
  6. Finally got my chance to listen. Savages is pretty out of place to me. Freak Flag is better than people are saying. Everything else being a 4/5 or higher, with most being 5/5. Top tracks (in no particular order): Stabbing In The Dark The Jig Is Up Merry Axe-Mas (most unexpected) IT Is The End Score: Easy 9/10
  7. Thanks! Can't wait to get into this and for my vinyl of this to arrive.
  8. wouldn't mind for the new mixed version of Mad Hatter.
  9. imo the best single from the album so far, but yet this band hasn't been good to me since Muse anyways.
  10. They could easily write, record, and post an original track each month, and at the end of the year they could release all the songs together as an album/compilation.
  11. I expected this to be heavy, but I didn't expect this, and I don't like it.
  12. I am 100% sure I have heard other songs that sound exactly like this one. Sad that this band went from great to this.