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  1. I thought the first song was super long then the album ended😂
  2. Never been a fan of slayer anyway. I don’t like bands that you can play most of their catalog at once and it sounds like the same song
  3. Wonder if it sounds the same as everything else they’ve ever recorded
  4. I like the new BMTH more and I’m not even a fan of them
  5. That was painfully mediocre. Better than their last album though
  6. Pretty cool album overall but not completely life changing or incredible
  7. Didnt love this as much as the other singles. Just abit boring
  8. The fact that this garbage came from a band that Made songs like doomsday broken cross and a wasted hymn. Really disappointed with this one
  9. This is coming from a fan of ETF but holy fuck this is ridiculous at this point FIR Is so fucking ahead of them in every way it’s pretty laughable at this point
  10. Spencer should have been on it more. They totally misused his range. Jacoby got his rapping and his singing in spencer only got a few lines of the same vocal style when he has the best range out of everyone on the song
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