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  1. I really love chris vocals on songs like this. The ones that aren’t so heavy Like another life and the new version of eternally yours. Love his screams but he’s really growing as a clean singer
  2. I’m so glad that this band is making music that effortless garbage pop
  3. This is one of the worst thing Craig’s been on
  4. The Naked Brothers Band - The Brothers Are Still Naked August 7th
  5. Haven’t heard anything from this band in a few years but damn I like this alot
  6. I kinda completely forgot about in this moment I agree completely
  7. Bro why the fuck are you so angry that people enjoy this😂 vale was ass I agree completely the self titled wasn’t that great. If you think the bands so terrible you don’t need to comment multiple paragraphs about how much you hate them and their fanbase. Go comment on posts from bands you like. There’s really no reason to be overly aggressive towards fans who are really happy to hear a retelling of album that either got them into a band they love or actually saved their lives. No need for you to be mad at that. If you think it’s bad that’s totally fine. And yes this album is important they Litteraly would have broken up before this came out. Loney brought new life to this band as a group of friends making music. Now maybe they’ll be happy with right music which at the end of the day is what it’s all about. Like it or not the artists are satisfied and happy with their work and that’s what should matter
  8. I saw that awhile ago man. That’s why this record is so important
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