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  1. Pretty clear Secret Band vibes here with the heaviness and experimentation with vocals, but this song has so much! I love how Tilian has been changing up his delivery on these singles so far, it really shows their versatility across the board. I think we need to give a little more credit to Matt though! These drums are WILD.
  2. The guitar riffs in this are just insane. Cool to hear Tilian scream. And was that bongos I heard?! So far loving the subtle experimentation in these songs.
  3. Those clean guitars give me some big Happiness vibes. And that chorus really hits hard without much craziness going on. I'd say it's one of Tilian's better melodies of date. All in all, everyone's parts seem very thought out and it works really well. Can't wait for the album!
  4. Although it's a slight departure instrumentally from his other stuff, I think it's a pretty logical progression. I can dig it.
  5. I keep coming back to this song. Love the sound. Great dynamics between the twinkly verse riffs, and the more aggressive chorus and bridge. Excited for a full album!
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