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  1. This looks like an alternate cover art for Errorzone by Vein
  2. I might be the only person that preferred his more melodic stuff. I think his heavier parts are the most boring
  3. I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I feel like Don’t Give Up Your Ghost was a bit of a flop. I’ve heard it about 10 times and still can’t really think of anything memorable about it. THIS on the other hand is a really natural, interesting progression for the band. Love the use of synths especially
  4. This is the type of sound I’ve been waiting to hear from these guys. I loved Earthwalker and Skydancer, but ARK just felt like more of the same but less exciting. This song is crazy though, I’m excited
  5. I don’t care that this isn’t post hardcore, but what the fuck did Trevor do to his voice. Either he started smoking 3 packs a day, or he’s doing his best impression of my grandpa
  6. Imagine being excited about a Five Finger Death Punch album
  7. I haven’t listened to this band, but all their album and single covers just scream “We can save money on outsourcing for our artwork because I took Intro to Photoshop in 9th grade!” Like bruh they really used diagonally placed Papyrus font for their last album cover. No ones gonna take you seriously if your presentation isn’t professional
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