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  1. huh how come my posts were deleted? not a big deal just curious why the posts where i provide the leaks are removed
  2. The re-rips are still mono, still left channel only, and mildly out of pitch. There are 2 or 3 different sources and they're all left channel only, so for example Mike's bassline on Father of All at 1:13 is completely absent as it's panned to the right on the official release. I'll just not listen to this until we have a stereo version.
  3. he's not talking about r/greenday discord, big brain. For anyone who's wondering, these are left channel only, so you'll be missing some things (like Mike's bassline on the first track at 1:14 or so). Thanks for the leak still! Awesome to have, just letting people know that there is in fact something wrong with it for anyone who argues that it sounds normal.
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