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  1. Hometown boys are just getting better and better. Sucks they got to the scene just as I moved from Atlanta. Picayune was insane, so I’m hoping the rest of Locus is even better! Can’t wait to get home and download 🤘🏼
  2. This band is literally just TAI (as is Brand of Sacrifice) lol same lineup plus Luke from The Parallel on guitar instead of Liam. Kyle's clean and screaming variety is insane
  3. I hardly hear any TAI influence tbh. Maybe in the cleans, but other than that, the vocals and instrumentals flow way differently than TAI material and was way less technical. Also, what about Eve was boring? Just curious, cuz I loved it and thought each song (while not all home runs, granted) was unique and some (like Floodgates, Wrath, Violator, Deadlines) were really refreshing with their more modern style. Also it was written entirely by Kyle and Asher, the latter of which who had to emulate TAI’s style to write it. The song ‘Eve’ was cringy as hell tho lol.
  4. Somehow they've just rebranded and are already touring. The Afterimage toured in the US like one time after Lumiere and had a bunch of hiatus/line-up changes. Guess they just wanted to start fresh and hit the ground running while they're hot. The Afterimage is/was my favorite and so I'm sad to see them go but BOS is still dope! Side note: The whole band converted to BOS over time, not just half any more
  5. They used to actually! Check out their 2013 EP Sky People they seem to have some backing screams in this song, but they've gone a lot more rock than metal since that EP, but I really like their new sound!
  6. 1. The Afterimage (RIP) - Eve 2. Silent Planet - When the End Began 3. Icarus the Owl - Rearm Circuits 4. Brand of Sacrifice - The Interstice 5. Plini - Sunhead 6. TesseracT - Sonder 7. Hail the Sun - Mental Knife 8. Polyphia - New Levels New Devils 9. Greyhaven - Empty Black 10. The Parallel - Weaver
  7. Was hoping Kyle's feature on Nova was going to be better (and at least have some screams...) but it seemed like he tried to hard lol. The Afterimage is just where he sounds best Anyway, I can dig the album for the most part
  8. Favorite band since 2013 Soooooo hyped! Preordered a bundle the minute it dropped!
  9. Definitely check out Sentinels, The Afterimage (my favorite band), Reflections, and Aviana. The Parallel have that "Invent, Animate" feel to them that a lot of metalcore groups are shifting to.
  10. That ending that makes you think it's going to be alright and calm but then hits you with the goodgood
  11. Yeah I could see that. I've missed him live every time he comes by me, so I dont have the most solid opinion, but I've seen Plini and his stuff live is so fun. I do agree that the newer Intervals stuff though is more dynamic and interesting, but I guess to me, his songs sound melodically a lot like Plini's newer album. Either way, great stuff, I just tend to like the heavier songs with this newer style.
  12. I can tell he's been touring/friends with Plini for a long time lol they just need to do Plintervals and get it out of Aaron Mashall's system so he can go back to that slightly heavier writing. Plini does this but better..
  13. Yep, definitely sounds like his songwriting based on The Parade of Ashes vibes I'm getting here haha
  14. Pretty good for 128! Can't wait to hear the whole thing!
  15. I was wondering about that.. at times it also sounded a bit like Eric July from Backwordz but it's so hard to tell
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