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  1. Yes, we have a limited pressing /300 Vinyls + CD’s. Preorder bundles were just marked down for St Patrick’s Day and all other cloth goods marked down 50% (some shirts are $7) https://merchnow.com/catalogs/miss-fortune
  2. If you really want a laugh, click here. https://missfortune.fanlink.to/laughatmylessons
  3. That was our whole point for this album. You put into words what we were tryin’ to make. Thanks for the kind words. Hottest trending leak on Kingdom Leaks right now! Share it with your friends. 🔥
  4. Much love to @Lord Kingdom and everyone who’s been a loyal listener over the years. I think you will really love this album. Click on our profile to hear a full album teaser 🎢
  5. The new self-titled LP out April 3rd, 2020

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