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  1. This is sick, sounds like Opposite of December era Poison The Well
  2. Dope! I love the cold sounding metal at this time of year
  3. fuck yea thanks! personally this is on my radar to buy so the sneak peak is fine at 128 to me.
  4. This song is bad ass! Do they have an album out?
  5. Saw that this was a CD Rip & had to go check my mail right away. Sure enough my preorder came. fucking loving this album!
  6. this is bad ass! haven't heard Skram like this in a long time.
  7. Digging it. I already pre-ordered the physical version. This is what the world needs. A new sound in a sea of conformity. Welcome back hopesfall! I can tell this is going to be my summer of 2018 CD.
  8. Zippyshare because it's reliable even if it's slower, passtheleaks tends to give a lot of incomplete downloads. seems to be the most reliable and fastest out of all the file sharing sites.
  9. (Where can I but a hard copy of this???) So after initial listening... If you like the single DNA, you won't be disappointed, it's a double edge sword but the entire album sounds just like DNA. In fact, it sounds so similar as if tracks 1-9 could be just 1 song. If you like this sound, that is great, but I can see someone not 100% into getting a bit bored easily. That being said I'm into it and the album is fucking great. Theres 3 different types of vocals, Highs, Lows, & Cleans. The band (and guests) excel at all 3 categories. The clean vocals are perfect overlays, the lows are outright beastly and heavy hitting, the highs lead the way. The trouble is that there isn't enough balance between the three. I'd love to hear more lows & clean vocals spread out throughout the project to break up the monotony. The instrumentation on this album is top notch. I love the guitar work, the drums, everything. 10/10 for performance. As of now Star Garnet is my favorite track on the album. This CD definitely hits the TDWP vibe on the head but it also reminds me of August Burns Red's Thrill Seeker. Overall 8.5/10
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