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  1. Let me say first I can get behind this album, I like it. That being said, I'm surprised how slow this album is. It makes me miss the chaotic chugs of Dead Throne. Spiderhead & Chemical are my favorite tracks.
  2. This is a fucking phenomenal song for me. as far as deathcore goes, I'd rate this a 10 out of 10. Nice progression, the Vox are reminiscent of Mitch Lurker's work. Everything is just top notch. Never heard anything else by these guys. When does the album come out?
  3. I like it, as someone else said, I wish they would have built on it a little more though.
  4. I love pretty much every TDWP release from With Roots Above & Branches Below on. Already have this album pre-ordered. (as well as the new Norma Jean) Zombie > Space > Dead Throne > 8:18 > WRA&BB > Transit Blues is my personal order. I liked Transit Blues I just felt it was kind of a boring album. They didn't really do anything different or exciting on it.
  5. I love TDWP but I feel like this track is just boring. I was expecting so much more and what was delivered was just ....tame I already pre-ordered the album and I'll give every single song on it a shot still.
  6. love this band, hopefully they put out an actual album sooner than later.
  7. thanks, going to buy a physical disc.
  8. man, the music itself is great but the lead vocals are just atrocious.
  9. thanks, I'll give them a shot.
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