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  1. The main screamer vox was sick, wasn't really feeling the rest.
  2. man I'm loving this. can any one recommend me some similar stuff? Doom metal with clean vocals? The only things similar I know are My Dying Bride & Candlemass.
  3. I hear The Chariot when I listen to this. Wonder if they're Ex-Chariot or Ex-Norma Jean?
  4. Really like this one. Young Thug is hella original if nothing else.
  5. this is fucking sick! reminds me of Dance Of December Souls era Katatonia
  6. Love me some Norma Jean. They truly have their own sound, and have fine tuned it again and again all these years.
  7. Feeling the music but man the vocals are horrendous.
  8. This is sick, sounds like Opposite of December era Poison The Well
  9. Dope! I love the cold sounding metal at this time of year
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