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  1. probably my favorite release this week. really hope this gets some attention.
  2. weird response to someone asking a genuine question, but ok.
  3. couple criticisms not just with this band, but particularly this genre overall, that i've never understood: the first one i've heard in regards to Hypermania specifically, but also from some folks here and there about Landmine, is that it sounds "heavy for the sake of being heavy." i have no idea what that sentence means. if you're listening to a metalcore band, is that...not what you're looking for? heavy songs? this especially confuses me after hearing complaints any time there's a trace of more-than-usual cleans in a song. i don't get what you're looking for. the second is hearing people sound like they're disappointed that a song/album...sounds like the band they're listening to. like, obviously quality of the song is important, and retreading a similar songwriting formula in multiple songs can be redundant, i get it, but as an overall criticism of sound, i really don't understand the concept of listening to, in this instance, Polaris, and saying "man, it just sounds too much like Polaris." again, i'm not sure what you're looking for.
  4. constantly having to sift through the “this sounds too much like themselves, they need to sound less like themselves but not so much less that they don’t sound like themselves” criticisms is really tiring. song is solid. short, furious, to the point. definitely excited for this record.
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