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  1. Soooooo excited for this! Thank you Summers!
  2. Holy Shit, was listening to Visions today and was all like, when are they gonna come out with something new...looks like I manifested it!
  3. One of the coolest bands ever. I'm one who really lives for the music and lyrics aren't overly important, but this might as well be Hermann Hesse singing. I'm so happy to get The Great Glass Elephant back in my collection after a computer crash a few years ago.
  4. Every time I listen to Controller I'm blown away. The only one I truly love though.
  5. A little late to the show, but here's a few of my tops in no particular order, and not because you care what my tops are, but rather that someone might check them out like I do so many times to others'. I'm a little all over the place, but whatever. Oh, AOTY for me...easily: Auras - Binary Garden The others... Lone Survivor - Ground Zero Bilmuri - Wet Milk Siamese - Super Human Johnny Booth - Firsthand Accounts Oh, Sleeper - Bloodied Unbowed Yelawolf - Ghetto Cowboy Free Throw - What's Past is Prologue Aurora - A Different Kind of Human (Step 2) BMTH - Amo Doja Cat - Hot Pink Shrezzers - Relationships Northlane - Alien Kadinja - Super 90' Unprocessed - Artificial Void Parliament Owls - A Span Is All That We Can Boast
  6. Wow, so many Japanese artists impress me to no end, even though sometimes I find them a little too refined and perfected that it lacks an emotive element I crave. If this fellow sang in a language more familiar to me (which there is no reason he should) I would give more love.
  7. No doubt about it. Mac Miller was truly on his own track, sadly the life that lead to his death was the one that he was riding. He was a true artist of which we were just beginning to fathom as he became better able to share of his insight.
  8. Fucking monster of an album that should have made a running for AOTY as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Man, this this is soooooo good, but oddly enough, only on my high-end (of the low-end) DAP player with my low-end IEMs. I think I like more than Vildhjarta, but the album is seriously way too short.
  10. Yeah, this album is really just incredible. I'm in a bit of awe to tell you the truth. Thanks so much, wouldn't have found it otherwise.
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