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  1. I don't really like the new extreme vocalist, but overall the track is not bad
  2. The guys are very cool at mixing mostly electronics and post-hardcore, experimental at the highest level.<3
  3. I will say immediately IIWY is my favorite band, and this album disappointed me a little, Kyle pulled up his extreme vocals and you can hear it, it's still fucking cool but something happened to Randy's clean vocals, Idk for some reason became somehow muted. For comparison, turn on any track from the album Sleepless (2014) or Life After Death (2016) and you will immediately hear the difference. In General, I'm a little upset (a little).
  4. Chaaaaaaaaaaaange who you wanna be Chaaaaaaaaaaaange everything you see It's just a little fix 'til the cold chills hit I can't stop loving loving to hate Chaaaaaaaaaaange who you wanna be Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaange everyone you see It's just a little fix 'til the cold chills quit Can't stop loving can't stop loving to hate P.s. how do I get rid of this chorus in my head now?! :b
  5. ooh FUCK, These guys can make good music
  6. @desk I know I'm from Russia myself Пизда
  7. awesome song, I wish the guys good luck in their development
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