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  1. Great band one of Canada's best kept secrets. Very underrated love everything they do.
  2. I think I've seen this at the drive in
  3. This is hot can't wait to hear more.
  4. I like this category, will you be doing alternative rock category or will it be included in this core ?
  5. Thank you this is great but where is side A ?
  6. Great new Soul Asylum what a surprise I wasn't expecting this.
  7. 2012 sleepwalker is really good too.This Band has a great sound.
  8. Think I'm going to like this
  9. My fav. beauty and rage also Innocence & Instinct, Red is consistently good always look forward to a new release. 
  10. This is out to fucking lunch And you can't dance to it
  11. Big fan as well, I didn't mind black and white rainbows had some good songs like peace-s and dystopia. Excited about a new album does anyone know the release date?
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