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  2. green eyes (polarized) is freaking exceptional, this album is so great, kp never disappoints
  3. my expectations are high with this album!
  4. seaway and knuckle puck are the only pop punk bands that i'm looking for
  5. skinny dipping is still their best album *chef's kisses* but i'd say this is 7/10 album, i've heard all the singles before and 'blurry', 'like that' and 'soap' are the only songs that stands out to me the most
  6. far better than neck deep's what took you so long
  7. what took you so long is the only song that stands out to me the most, the rest is meh
  8. can we talk about how good the artwork is?
  9. stop praising new neck deep record so much and dont sleep on underrated pop punk bands like this
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