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  1. Does it include a power ballad about the lonely life of a military wife whose husband is away in the Middle East? (No offense to people actually going through that, but this band panders to a certain army/cop demographic like crazy.)
  2. Drill remix of "The Bing Bong Song" featuring Pop Smoke and Headie One coming soon!
  3. Excellent, reminds me of the most aggressive aspects of glam and pub-rock mixed with Oi!
  4. This is brilliant! A punk approach to electronic music, rather than more of the house music Nicolas Jaar did so well on 2012-2017.
  5. Awesome! REMAIN IN LIGHT is one of the greatest albums ever made, and their first 3 albums aren't far behind.
  6. Really beautiful; reminds me of Natalie Merchant (who they've collaborated with) in a '60s British psych/folk vein.
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