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  1. I hope there's a remix album with contributions from Pig Destroyer, 100 gecs, Lingua Ignota and Black Dresses.
  2. When butt rock turns into Twitter diarrhea.
  3. Have Kidz Bop Kidz ever covered hits like "The Hills" or "Pumped Up Kicks"? It'd be fun to hear their PG-rated version of "Mo Bamba."
  4. The dominance of our culture by heterosexual men and their desires.
  5. The kids don't sound nearly as numb and bored as Drake did! But hearing them sing about Michael Jackson is more offensive than anything in the original lyrics.
  6. I heard this album months ago and really liked it! Thanks for posting it here!
  7. Matt Healy has nothing better to do during those long hours in lockdown than troll this board! (He went on to Reddit to pick arguments with people who hate the band!)
  8. great! DIE A LEGEND is the best mainstream hip-hop album of the past few years!
  9. He sounds bored out of his mind on "Tootsis Slide." Even the beat drags, especially for a song cynically written to kick off a TikTok dance craze.
  10. The world is going to hell, but at least this album leaked a day early!
  11. "Maybe This World Is Another Planet's Hell?"=song title of the year!
  12. The mysterious masked man thing is gimmicky, but he can sing really well, and this is way livelier than recent music on similar themes by Future and co.
  13. Post-IGOR hip-hop is gonna get weird!
  14. Yeah, the current jazz scene is really exciting. Keep it up!
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