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  1. wow ok i didnt think it'd drop that soon damn ok
  2. Let's fucking gooooo edit: what a fucking insane album, definitely never heard anything like it before and loathe has definitely solidified themselves for my absolute favorite band to ever exist. definitely need to buy a hoodie when they drop new merch
  3. fuck yea If it wasn't going to be a Spring album, I'd say that this is a leftover from bloodlust, just with reworked drums. Hoping the rest of the album isn't just another bloodlust as that's the only project of his that I feel isn't his best work at all and is a downgrade.
  4. 1 of 14 songs and this is the ending track. Surely can get better.
  5. Here's the album cover art @serafina Album tracks are: - (deeperthanbefore) - swallowing the rabbit whole - in fear - you and you alone - who i am - - sulfur surrounding - the easy way - erasure scan - last ones left - autumn and carbine - back inside the glass - a sliver - underneath Can be pre-saved on Spotify & Apple Music at
  6. Super excited for the album, especially with this release, expressing how versatile it really could be.
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