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  1. seems to be one of those "fun" songs, definitely not one of the good singles though for those that care about references though, they mention stray from the path, attila, knocked loose, thy art is murder, ice nine kills, vein, and fit for a king
  2. wow ok i didnt think it'd drop that soon damn ok
  3. Let's fucking gooooo edit: what a fucking insane album, definitely never heard anything like it before and loathe has definitely solidified themselves for my absolute favorite band to ever exist. definitely need to buy a hoodie when they drop new merch
  4. fuck yea If it wasn't going to be a Spring album, I'd say that this is a leftover from bloodlust, just with reworked drums. Hoping the rest of the album isn't just another bloodlust as that's the only project of his that I feel isn't his best work at all and is a downgrade.
  5. 1 of 14 songs and this is the ending track. Surely can get better.
  6. Here's the album cover art @serafina Album tracks are: - (deeperthanbefore) - swallowing the rabbit whole - in fear - you and you alone - who i am - - sulfur surrounding - the easy way - erasure scan - last ones left - autumn and carbine - back inside the glass - a sliver - underneath Can be pre-saved on Spotify & Apple Music at
  7. Super excited for the album, especially with this release, expressing how versatile it really could be.
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