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  1. Better than 'Degenerates' but still not good, Resentment is a really good single but this is a bland and unspiring song. And wtf was that bridge close to the end? Absolutely disgusting. 4/10
  2. I'm already listened to it, is a pretty good record, well produced, but in my opinion, in overall, the concept of the album doesn't work so well, have some really weak tracks. But still a good fresh release, way better then a lot of albums on this scene on the past three years I think.
  3. Nice debut, sometimes is a little bland and brings nothing new, but tbh I don't think this scene can release a really solid and original record nowadays. But this is a pretty fun album, I enjoyed it.
  4. Cool album, it's nothing groundbreaking and is badly mixed but have some really beautiful songs.
  5. yep, you're right, we disagree entirely
  6. Why so butthurt? It's my opinion, this is a mediocre track, if you think this is a really innovative and original song, I can't agree, but that's ok also >opinion bad If you wanna a really solid review just follow me on AOTY, I will drop the review there when the album is out
  7. Hallucinations EP was really bad, I like PVRIS but my expectations from new material is on a low level. This single is one of the worst things they made, this effect on the vocals are so desnecessary smh The production is lame, this is just a generic pop track, and tbh I don't wanna hear it coming from this band.
  8. The production is ok, well mixed, but at general is a little bland, especially the chorus. Is a nice song but badly executed. I don't expect much more than this from the new album.
  9. one of his best in the last two years
  10. This album is just another generic metalcore release, it's not bad, but brings nothing new and nothing to be hyped to. The first two tracks are great, have some highlights in the album but in general is pretty bland. I didn't expect so much more of this genre these days tbh
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