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  1. The music is rad as hell. The vocals not so much. It seems like Barnes gets worse and worse with every release. I dunno how you allow this to even see the light of day. It looks like someone would step in after recording and be like man this aint it.
  2. This is so rad! Gives me I Set My Friends On Fire vibes.
  3. I have never listened to this band up until now. I really dig this. The rffs are big and the vocals remind me of Matt Skiba. I had to go back and compare this recording to the old one when I found out it was a rework. Gotta say this sounds leaps and bounds better/bigger than the OG. Stoked on this!!!
  4. @Summers can you get the uncensored version up. I know you didn't upload it but thought you might could assist.
  5. This a B side from the Coming Home sessions. He played it on twitch and people loved it. So he decided to release it.
  6. This is good. Band never disappoints. Thanks for the super early upload!
  7. This is really rad! They have that mid 00's post hardcore sound.
  8. This is so good! Thanks for the upload. Any chance on getting passages on the site?
  9. Yo!!! This is so good. This band does no wrong.
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