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  1. Loved the singles and after first listen the record doesn't disappoint either. Great stuff. Easily 8+/10.
  2. Yea. Jag replaced ASDs social media with this though.
  3. Damn, this is awesome. The collaboration I never knew I wanted.
  4. Yea. Stand up against human rights. Way to go mate.
  5. Great vocals, but I'm really missing some drums, guitars, bass for Post-Hardcore.
  6. Damn. I had low expectations and am still disappointed. Maybe 3 okayish songs, while the rest just hurts.
  7. Really love all the singles so far. Gonna be my aoty for sure.
  8. Let's be honest. If Chester wasn't dead, people would rip this record apart like they did Linkin Parks last records. Imo mediocre at best. Okay for one or two listens, but nothing remarkable and worthwhile.
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