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  1. this EP is totally OUTLANDISH.........Zicky Dice is an amazing front man.......this band went on hiatus back in 2015, their singer "Outlandish" Zicky Dice began wrestling in NWA after he met Seth Rollins on one of their last tours before the break. He is now breaking out in the NWA and said that his wrestiling carrer is currently coming first, but H2H will continue to play some shows when they can. He said he has begun getting compared to Chris Jerico (Fozzy Fame) You can catch Zicky wrestle on the NWA streams I guess. Here is an interview I found with him talking bout both, there are more links bout the band and him as well underneath. It was pretty cool to see him pull both these off.
  2. Definitely not them quoting the poem or anything like that.......Paradise Lost is a MASSIVE MASSIVE "poem" like its like a billion stanzas long and broken into many different parts. Lyrically after my first 2 listens, I believe they might have like used it as a lose basis for the concept of the song, but it is definitely NOT them performing the works of Milton. The song however is under 3 mins, but super amazing. I am very excited for the new record, as I did not care for their last one at was a little to experimental for me. However both of the singles thus far off the new record seem to take the things that worked off of Valleys or whatever it was called their last record that is, and combine it with the Used we have all come to love and mashed them together.....and really made something wonderful.
  3. he has a solo record coming out......i have a feeling that his solo album is going to make him a much more "well known" name..... I have heard that Erik is producing some tracks on his solo record as I have heard that Luke Holland is going to be working on it as well. I give TWA props for sort of going their own direction when it comes to this album and how it has really strayed the path from their early stuff, but I feel ever since Luke left the band it has become rather unfogetabble. I mean don't get me wrong, it is still really quite good music, but does NOT showcase Telle's vocal range at all, I feel like he isn't even really trying to show off what his pipes can do on the 3 singles that have dropped... I have had the chance to hear the entire album however and I will tell you that there are like 4 songs on it I think you will be truly impressed with as far as hearing his voice really soar and the music is solid as well....lyrically Telle has grown leaps and bounds as well on this record also. He is finally feeling comfortable as a vocalist/lyricist I believe after all these years. I have heard 2 solo songs of his as well and I will tell you this much...get stoked
  4. so does no one see anything wrong here with the song and lyrics we are currently in a massive opiate epidemic etc losing people left and right to fentanyl, heroin etc....and this song is basically comparing love etc to this terribly addictive and dangerous drug.....while not necessarily glorifying it like other artists do with XANS and PERCS and LEAN etc.......i find it still troubling in this climate etc that we are signing about this drug and labeling a single the name of this terrible drug....just saying, does no one see anything wrong with this as well.
  5. you sure about that? why would nick not have his band on his own label.......
  6. what contract....pretty sure nick owns the label they are signed to.... i am trying to find the entire gentleman roosevelt album if there is one, I've only ever seen this single...
  7. does anyone else not find this cover rather creepy, considering the entire band is made up of when you know makes the cover rather creepy, no?
  8. ISETMYFRIENDSONFIRE! was also signed to Epitaph. They usually sign 1 or 2 bands every few years that sort of follow the hype trend. When they signed ISMFOF that was during the myspace crab/crunkcore era. The rest of what Epitaph signs is like their flagship hardcore, punk etc. Now this emo rap is blowing up, especially ith the deaths of XXX, Peep, and Juice WRLD. I know that basically every "major indie label," now has at least 1 emo-rapper on their roster. Fueled By Ramen has nothing nowhere, epitaph has this guy, hopeless has dying in designer. I don't think Fearless has one just yet....but it's only a matter of time I am sure....
  9. WCAR is a christian group????? Really?? I did NOT know that.....interesting. Also, I dig Search The City soon much....The Almost is no longer Christian as like if you read interviews with Aaron he is sorta soured a bit on the entire religion thing. He's still Christian i believe but not making like christian music persay anymore. A couple other good ones you did not mention and not sure if you knew this but Dustin Kensure of Thrice has a couple Christian Solo/Worship Records as does Aaron Of The Almost and underoath. I deff more of a pop punk guy more so than anything so yea... but i really dig NF I dont think a lot of folk Realize he is a Christian rapper as he is blowing up yet his music is so lyrically powerful however. I wish more artists would not necessarily be christian but release music like NF with some real substance behind the lyrics in the rap genre that is.
  10. yea i also enjoy christian music from time to time (as i am a christian) and it is always nice to have some positive lyrics etc based off religion, the good book etc....lyrics that are uplifting etc. however, i am totally not feeling this I will tell you one christian band that I miss so much is Number One Gun. Jeff had a solo project (still might actually/as he pretty much was Number One Gun, especially near the end, just like how Bryce is The Rocket Summer.) But man Number One Gun was amazing, as it Kutless. Waking Ashland was also a Christian band I believe (heavily piano rock) these are older bands as I am not really up on the Christian Scene anymore ( i used to be, as that was all I listened to at one point the church I was attending sort of brainwashed me at the age of like 13-14/now I am 32 hahaha) but they had me like break my blink 182 cassettes and CDs, Sugar Ray, Everclear albums etc then gave me some of the WOW compilation records for each one that I broke I got another WOW comp. found some decent bands on there, but then drifted away from Christian music etc for a very long time, and am just now playiung some old Christian music as I am not hip on the new stuff (other than well like hillsong etc etc all those mega churches ya know and their bands) and then the band Sidewalk Prophets as they are from right around here and my good buddy actually does sound for them etc. LRO : I am looking for new Chrsitian bands or good Christian music (pop punk, rock, metal etc.) Will Take suggestions of any kind please.
  11. i am not sure why (well other than she makes amazing music) that I just freaking love Halsey. Like I really do not enjoy most pop radio type music, but literally everything she does I thoroughly enjoy. Everything that has come off of this record is freaking amazing, just like all of her older works. I am really interested to hear her collaboration with BMTH. I know it will not be on this record, but I am still extremely stoked to hear it when it does get released.
  12. you know what they say if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. This band I don’t believe has had a hit since they released “say something,” which also featured Christina. So let’s see what happens hahahah it worked the first time w slower piano driven ballad and I just listened and imagine that, this is also a slower tempo piano ballad type song featuring good old x-Tina! Let’s see if this song has as much success as say something
  13. I like this I like it a lot. Considering it is sorta a generi pop song that fits your standard pop song cookie cutter mold. it is still really good for what it is. I've never ever heard of this Canadia dude before, has anyone here heard of him before this song? I doubt any of us would be listening to this cat or would be hearing about him if blink-182 was not featured on this song......wonder how much this dude paid to get them featured on the song....or I wonder if Feldy, Travis and Mark are working with this dude and producing his record??? Sorta like how they worked on the last 5SOS records....It doesn't really sound like Feldys production, he usually has a very very very specific sound to his songs, and this is not it.....either way its a pretty good song IMO for the genre and what not...I can totally here this song, WITH some lyric edits being all over the radio soon.
  14. Meaning what pretty sure it’s just sorta like recycling some already bad lyrics hahha
  15. Did they really basically just rip off BMTH using the lyrics “sugar honey and iced tea??!!” Isn’t they basically the title and lyrics of song off of the last BMTH record??!!! Like what’s the deal with artists talking bout sugar and iced tea am I missing something here?
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