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  1. I like this I like it a lot. Considering it is sorta a generi pop song that fits your standard pop song cookie cutter mold. it is still really good for what it is. I've never ever heard of this Canadia dude before, has anyone here heard of him before this song? I doubt any of us would be listening to this cat or would be hearing about him if blink-182 was not featured on this song......wonder how much this dude paid to get them featured on the song....or I wonder if Feldy, Travis and Mark are working with this dude and producing his record??? Sorta like how they worked on the last 5SOS records....It doesn't really sound like Feldys production, he usually has a very very very specific sound to his songs, and this is not it.....either way its a pretty good song IMO for the genre and what not...I can totally here this song, WITH some lyric edits being all over the radio soon.
  2. Meaning what pretty sure it’s just sorta like recycling some already bad lyrics hahha
  3. Did they really basically just rip off BMTH using the lyrics “sugar honey and iced tea??!!” Isn’t they basically the title and lyrics of song off of the last BMTH record??!!! Like what’s the deal with artists talking bout sugar and iced tea am I missing something here?
  4. I wonder if this Jeremy saw the dudes from The Maine while they were out in the dunes shooting this cover....I also wonder if the dummy from the Like Moths To Flames was stood up right next to the other 2 bands
  5. can this band write a bad song? AJ has SUCH a unique voice, I love it!
  6. the guitarist from the band uses this site. this band has really changed their sound from their pop-punk days. their last ep had some elements of rap etc. on it. i knew they were more into trap lately from their covers ep that came out and talking with them. i dig this style, but i did enjoy their straight pop-punk as well. this will take some growing, but it isn't as bad as a lot of stuff out there.
  7. Fucking MP3s, how do they work???? Album Leaks, How Do They Work?
  8. This is good. You really need to PM me!! I will explain why when you do.......I found this to be amazing as did my parents ( this will all make sense when we talk) but the song is solid!!! I enjoy. Just need some mixing tips and you've got some good skills! Hit me up!
  9. This is the user jonbenjamins band. Just in case anyone wanted to show him some love. Overall this is a solid pop-punk record. Glad to see a band from Indiana making some waves that aren't hardcore.
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