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  1. Loved All the hell that you've got to spare. Bleach was great too. Very excited for this to drop, I'll wait either until Friday or until it's in better quality
  2. Just putting this out there. Just because you don't enjoy or like an album doesn't mean it's bad. A lot of people in this community aren't going to enjoy this style of music, that's the nature of it. Asking Alexandria started with a core fanbase and branched off. Anyone who followed them from the beginning probably won't enjoy this at all, which is fine. It's a clear indication that this album isn't meant for you, so why do you expect it to be? A lot of the members here are obviously in different branches of the metal community in some way, which I think it's contributing to this whole thread saying this album is shit when, it's actually not. It's pretty well done, if you actually focus on the music rather than you're anger towards them changing.. I've seen comments saying it's uninspired. Which, I agree to an extent. The overall message of the album, the mention of their pathway, is pretty thought out and well executed throughout this record as a whole though. The formula is typical, which I wish they kind of experimented a bit more with structure rather than the sound. But in no way is this a bad record. It's a great record. Different sure, but it's not meant to be heavy. It's not trying to be anything other than what it is, which in all honesty, is a pretty fun and enjoyable rock record from start to finish. Like if you favor metal, listen to that or their old stuff. There's so much new metalcore, deathcore coming out constantly, it's not a dying genre by any means. Don't come to an AA record meant for rock, trashing it saying it's shit, because surprisingly IT ISN'T IT'S GOOD
  3. They haven't been with a label since Age of Ignorance lol. Oak island and on they've been doing it themselves.
  4. I do agree with you that it's formulaic. But so is Wage War, and they're top of the metalcore game right now. Polaris is extremely formulaic as well. Those are straight forward structured metalcore songs, BUT they're masters of their craft. A lot of OLN's original work has been inconsistent and I agree with that too. I rarely listen to anything off of Younger Dreams, and I'd say Oak Island is some of their best work. Selective hearing I didn't care for. But Let Light Overcome The Darkness is some of their best work in a while. It's structured sure, but they've mastered their take on it. The guitar work is very OLN. They know their sound and they don't shy away from it, it's not super experimental, but sometimes, especially in 2020, that's honestly okay. Sometimes it's refreshing to have a band not completely change their sound. It's really good songwriting
  5. I feel like their whole cover situation people are focusing too much on. They started doing covers pretty late in their career, and whatever, it's fun for them. They're pushing themselves everyday, bloody workaholics these guys. If you don't like covers, don't listen to them. I always just ignore their covers. People are so judgmental of the cover thing that they totally overlook their albums. BTW - this is a great album. Imo, this tracklisting works a lot better. and YES a tracklisting can make an album good or bad. 'Let light overcome' was sick, but Soul Speak seems so out of place, and I wasn't a big fan of 'overcome the darkness' again because I felt it didn't flow But with this tracklisting, it makes sense, it flows a lot better. I've personally been waiting for the day they dropped it in one album. These guys are incredible musicians and people just fucking trash on them cause they have some fun on the side, it's a shame
  6. @Joseph The artwork is sick. It's a combination of both, it's a wolf inside of a butterfly. It's dope
  7. Know what...that makes sense. I was actually a bit ignorant to the fact that if the closer is dropped before the album, and it's disappointing (But it's supposed to be big), then it destroys expectations of the rest of the album. Cheers for explaining it a bit to me.
  8. @lucydebaerien But....why? Like what difference does it actually make if it's the 4th track or the last one? :P It's the exact same shit. Obviously the plan was to release this song as a single, right. They're not gonna fuck up the tracklist or randomly throw it in the middle if it doesn't work. I don't really understand your frustration tbh
  9. Their producer chimed in on the sound issue of the track saying the Unmastered Version was uploaded accidentally. He said it should be fixed today!
  10. I looked these guys up and their discography if fucking confusing.... So is their an album dropping? Cause it's a mess on streaming services lmfao
  11. They've released a deluxe version of every album. Do you mean just in terms of 'new tracks'? Cause Aggressive only had acoustic and live tracks right
  12. I don’t get the hate behind this album. Yes it’s nothing like they used to sound, but I for one, thoroughly enjoyed this album. It’s not the same genre but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I believe this is some of their peak songwriting. This is some of the catchiest songwriting in terms of chorus’s. This is actually a really good album. In my opinion at least. I’d give it a solid 8/10
  13. Is there anyway these can be ripped at a higher quality? There's no way this is the quality it comes on the vinyl. Can't you use an amp, then record at least at CD Quality? I know it won't sound the same as digitally getting them, but there's no way that this is the highest quality you can rip these at
  14. I have a feeling, very soon. I could be wrong, but if we look at the single artwork for both 20/20 and What I Am. They both have a thin border around the artwork that includes the single name and band name. THIS artwork, to me, seems more of an album cover rather than artwork for this single. I THINK (could be wrong), that when this drops tomorrow we'll get an announcement and HOPEFULLY a pre-order for the album. Just my hunch
  15. All links are empty unfortunately. Been empty for a few days, can we get a check on this?
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