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  1. Honestly, anon was great. Has some amazing bangers on it. I didn’t mind that sound, at least it was interesting. (Black, Bad Dream, Kingdom Come). But the new stuff is so stale. It’s not even the lighter sound, it’s just not as creative. Headrush was unbearable, Space is okay and Water I haven’t given too much of a chance yet but I agree with everyone. I’m glad headrush didn’t make the cut. My fingers are so crossed for this release
  2. Lmao, that’s a guitar mute. It’s frequently used in acoustic tracks with only guitar. Typically used for “beat” when there are no other instruments. It’s like, a snare hit when there are no drums present. You do picked notes than smack the strings to mute on the last note of the bar
  3. I think it's because Heavier was the first single and that came out LONG before the album was announced. So my guess is probably it wasn't fully mastered yet, because they updated it when pre-orders went up. So it was probably a "1st mix" while they were waiting for the album masters to be finished Honestly, Craig is a piece of shit. BUT if you wanna hear another great album by them, checkout their last one 'Beautiful Death'. It's a close 2nd to this in their catalog
  4. Well this is awkward, they had "IT'S SUSHI!!!!" right there lmao He definitely has a unique voice, which I can agree, gave Eskimo Callboy the personality to make them stick out over other bands
  5. Is this the old-singer from Eskimo Callboy?
  6. This is far above Beautiful Death. I had high expectations because Beautiful Death was so good. But fuck, they SMASHED this. I'm gonna say's their best record, hands down. I think Matthew is perfect for them and I can see some real success coming their way going forward
  7. Don't know who this is, but fuckin...featuring Polaris?! Hell yes, lets give this a go
  8. I have to add. Jonny didn't leave, he was kicked out because they were supposed to do a show and he flew back home to fulfill his heroine addiction. The new guy is Matthew McAndrew, who got his start on Season 7 of the voice. They're changing their name after this release! LETS GO. Slaves can be added to the 'Bands that find success after kicking Jonny'. Shit this album SLAPS
  9. Aw man, The World Is My Enemy Now is a straight bangerrrrr Regardless of the hate they got for the way they marketed it, I thought it was creative
  10. Unfortunately, I figured this was the case A man can hope
  11. Woah. his voice It's like they wanted to change key, but went slightly and gave up lmao
  12. I have to disagree, but I understand why people love it. It's a lot more mature than older stuff, the songwriting is drastically better, no doubt. But as a lifelong HU fan, I never got into HU for mature or incredible songwriting. The Part 1 album, there's just nothing that makes it special to me. It's like they went bland to try and be a more 'serious' band, and I know that'll bring in a new fanbase for sure. But I miss the old style from NTFU and AT. But this song slaps
  13. This is a HUGE step up from Part 1. I kinda lost hope because Part 1 was disappointing to me, it's like they got rid of all the flare that made them HU. This is REALLY good. Also, I dunno if anyone can chime in. But the single cover seems to have a nod to Danny's mask style.... now I don't know if that's just a little easter egg for past masks or if it means we're finally getting new one's. Because in the teasers it seems Tech N9ne has makeup or a mask on, and we haven't seen any members teased in the video Please please please, fingers crossed, that they aren't officially done with them
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