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  1. Well, this is a nice surprise. Thanks!
  2. Is it just me or is this cover art incredibly similar to The Sin And The Sentence?
  3. Top 10 2019 Ranked 1. From Hell With Love; Beast In Black 2. Legends Of Human Spirit; ShadowStrike 3. Mana; Idle Hands 4. Melancholy; Shadow Of Intent 5. Burn The Night; Riot City 6. Pillars Of Creation; Obsidian Tide 7. Fear Inoculum; Tool 8. Artificial Void; Unprocessed 9. The Bell; Iamthemorning 10. Shaped By Fire; As I Lay Dying 11 - 50 cause why not 11. Kagurairo Artifact; Mafumafu 12. Force Of Will; Power Theory 13. Welcome To Paradise; NorthTale 14. Parallel Universe; SiXforNinE 15. Humanicide; Death Angel 16. Wings of Fire; Brymir 17. Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution); Turilli/Lione Rhapsody 18. Cataclysmic Sorcery; Widower 19. Neverafter; Andy Gillion 20. The Valley; Whitechapel 21. Heaven That Dwells Within; Wormwitch 22. The End Of An Era (Rebirth); Inferi 23. Demons In The Dark; Witchlords 24. Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex; Gloryhammer 25. Southern Hostility; Upon A Burning Body 26. Realms Of Time; Diviner 27. Night Of Whispering Souls; Tryglav 28. Terraformer; Thank You Scientist 29. The Gathering; Freternia 30. Dawn Of The Dragonstar; Twilight Force 31. Siren; Blackstar Halo 32. Yokai Orchestra; Cartoon Theory 33. Into The Purgatory; Galneryus 34. Periphery IV: Hail Stan; Periphery 35. World War X; Carnifex 36. Blck Deluxe; VRSTY 37. Spiritual Resonance; Darkend 38. Far; Stormlord 39. Dégénérescence; Suicidal Madness 40. Of Past And Passion; Forgotten 41. Wolfszeit II; Varg 42. Binary Garden; Auras 43. Fragment; 藍井エイル 44. Render; Valis Ablaze 45. Atonement; Killswitch Engage 46. Gidim; Rings Of Saturn 47. Flawed Design; Saint Asonia 48. Tasmanian Glow; Strawberry Girls 49. Global Warning; To The Grave 50. Revelations Of Oblivion; Possessed Looking at it now, I could easily make a top 150 and still barely scratch the surface. Oh well.
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