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  1. runaway, life is beautiful, sex with my ex, leanin, 16 lines, white girl and i believe idgaf i've had since part 1 or before. these are all new instrumentals everything worked great tho
  2. my only issue here was the original "Leanin'" was a lot better then this remake. but the rest of the remakes came out really nice especially life is beautiful.
  3. this looks like the goodwill version of restoring force by om&m
  4. i like jumpsuit it feels like a album opener to me. i mainly replay nico and the niners. i'm feeling it more then the blurryface era but i was always more into vessel and self titled. it somewhat feels like a little mix of previous directions.
  5. logic will bury this tonight tho.
  6. i enjoyed old chill tracks like such ease expected a few jams. this is bad. and if you compare peak a boo to BOOM. its the same song.
  7. yass thanks now i can throw it along side my download of hope and loop the vibes. idk why hope isnt on spotify smh.
  8. if a nigga hating rap call'em forum posters "pussy!".
  9. i don't think i would call this rap or hip hop. and the artists featured are meme's. but its cool ill pass it. ty.
  10. 7 new songs. look at this boy work his ass off.
  11. i would expect this is good but i'm not big on hella features.
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