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  1. Perfectly said! This album is just incredible.
  2. Jeff is really just gonna drop the best punk album of the decade in 2020. Absolute insanity.
  3. Just bought a copy. Loving it so far. Garden Window was one of my favourite rock albums of the 2010s.
  4. Amazing record. Strong AOTY contender right here.
  5. Holy duly, this leaked early. The last album I really liked from these guys was You Were Never Alone. Eve I found underwhelming but I might give this a listen.
  6. Thank you! 0% is my favourite live album of all-time so I'm very excited to dive into this.
  7. I've been waiting forever to hear this. Thanks a bunch!
  8. This is phenomenal. One of the best emo records I've heard in awhile.
  9. Thanks for the 320 fellas! Gonna dive In now.
  10. This is the album to beat for me this year. Absolutely gorgeous record.
  11. This is so freaking good. Man, I love this band.
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