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  1. overall a bit underwhelming given they're a band whose albums typically have 2-3 solid songs. took me a handful of spins to even enjoy a handful of these. i almost deleted all songs but 2, but some of these grew on me. no song screams "must hear" (Nights is best) but these were pretty good: nights, used to like, holy ghost, everything is killing me, going through something, and new best friend. mostly forgettable, no real peaks, but worth having in the library for some decent songs
  2. why wasnt this trending? Neon Trees is a popular band
  3. wow this was great. although the no crowd reaction was odd, it also allowed this to be great live audio. are there any more concerts like this we can post? i'd love a video/concerts section
  4. saw them back in 2008. didn't know they were still a band
  5. overall kinda meh. her 2014 work was best to me. the 3 songs of her previous hallucinations ep were among the stronger tracks here in hallucinations, death of me, and old wounds. also liked gimme a minute and use me
  6. groovy and melodic. surprised how good this is. probably my AOTM. fav songs are dance with somebody and last train
  7. i was born in 1990, so this is the second century I've been a part of. and if decades started with 1, then which decade does 1970 belong to? the 60's?!?!?! LOL NICE LOGIC GENIUS
  8. someone is butthurt to be proven wrong LOL. yes, this is the 7th decade of music for the rolling stones
  9. this decade makes 7: 60s, 70, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s
  10. seriously?! their 7th decade? in 2 years it'll be their 60th anniversary lol wtf
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