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  1. this album just came on shuffle and i had to come check i hadn't missed anything since from these guys. this and the self-titled EP bang. love that they're not too much hardcore energy and crazy but also melodic without feeling poppy. totally authentic. remind me of a polished At The Drive-In. really looking forward to a studio album soon
  2. came here to check the comments and i'm very surprised with the unanimous approval used to be a fan of them 2006-2007 but they lost me with Dear Maria and everything after Edit: this sounds influenced by The 1975
  3. i wanted to like this; i wanted this to be good it's not @nervje take your hateful opinion and stop following like a stalker, in that case. nobody will miss you since you did nothing to contribute to anything
  4. earlier in the band's career I found them generic. gimmicky, and actually nothing worth listening to/respecting. now, maybe since danny went radio rock, i've been much more a fan. 'into the fire' was a great song, and I'm actually a fan of them recently. hopefully this meets expectations. thanks
  5. overall i was impressed with the how complete this album is. not a bunch of bangers, but decent songs throughout. favorite track is instant destiny. very enjoyable listen. as per the recent comments, I'm glad that's been brought to light and I will be downloading the higher quality version when posted
  6. Anthony Green got me into them with their song 'Modern Woman' on their last album. waiting for 320 of this
  7. @LKA thanks, because I literally just got into a verbale fist fight with my front door narative cunts
  8. @LKA Savage Hands is missing. Their album came out Jan 31 and it's that over Eminem for AOTM for me
  9. this album is unfortunately garbage. it tries to be fun rock but it feels like kids bop goes punk. empty, meaningless songs. they lost their edge a long time ago. first two tracks are the most tolerable
  10. just came across a girl whose favorite band is these guys this album is good. i like it better than their last record. strong tracks to me were routine pain, self-destruction, kick, losers, losers pt 2.
  11. I liked this more than expected. Their EP was ok but nothing great. 'Memory' and 'Washed Away' are really good, and the depth on this album is impressive. only a few tracks I didn't care for. AOTM for me
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