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  1. a band i never understood the fandom/hype. never more than decent but people fap hard to them
  2. idk how people enjoyed anything on that enter shikari record. and the used peaked from 2002-2007. this was a nice album by them by burt isn't the same. it was nice that they redeemed themselves but it was nothing close to their peak years. do people's ears still work?
  3. DGD wins also, this post should be on the homepage like it normally is. still shows March
  4. @ahriik sure. post a request and i'll fulfill it. i dont think i can message u the mp3 directly
  5. overall a nice album. strongest tracks were 'cant cool me down' and 'martin' but i also liked weightlifters, deadlines (both), and hollywood wrote myself an acoustic guitar instrumental influenced by what's with you lately, so cheers to that also introduced my friend to them thru this album and now he's a fan
  6. the definition of a label making a cash grab.....2 EP releases only to become together on a studio with a couple remixes or whatever. disappointed the band allowed this, aside from just finishing their deal
  7. Demo version of sweep the leg is 100x better. diff screams and diff singing. not sure why they changed it so much, but I guess I'll keep the 239kbps version for the better version
  8. PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG! listened to this back when it came out. felt like i was the only one who ever knew them. thanks for posting in 320!
  9. almost a 1 year anniversary. revisiting this
  10. @Joseph title fight's hyperview or turnover's peripheral vision
  11. Nice! any word when their next album comes out? this is the fourth single I have by them since last year. Rare was such a great record. it was my basketball playlist since it wouldn't piss off my neighbors lol
  12. never heard of these guys but i'll give it a shot
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