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  1. Holy fuck I wasn’t expecting two songs, these are gonna be killer.
  2. I bought the tab book for this album and I've been working on learning some songs so this will be perfect to play along to.
  3. 1. The Death of Me - Polaris 2. Guardians - August Burns Red 3. The Way It Ends - Currents 4. Petals for Armor - Hayley Williams 5. Fracture - Bleed From Within
  4. Dark Infinite is such a massive closer.
  5. This is hands down their best album yet. Fantastic, catchy songs and some utterly killer riffs and solos.
  6. This is fucking brilliant, this band continues to put out next level stuff. No one does it like Bring Me the Horizon.
  8. Hey, these aren’t bad at all. Nice stuff.
  9. If you aren't listening to this, you're missing out big time.
  10. It’s good but it’s time to start accepting that they’ll never put out anything nearly as great as Ashes or Sacrament. The songwriting just isn’t the same anymore.
  11. I always get excited when I hear deathcore that's actually interesting and great to listen to nowadays, great EP. Can't wait for the second half.
  12. The riffage isn't anything bat shit insane, just very good and such an expansion on the style in Worlds Apart. That's why I love it.
  13. The guitar work on this album is absolutely phenomenal. This album gets so intense at times, like this is a rebirth of MTS in a sense. They haven't put out a single bad record but this is truly something special here.
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