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  1. Super excited for this release and even more excited to see them live in 2 months!
  2. This totally smashes. If this is how Bury Your Dead will sound in 2019 then I'm stoked to see what's coming. BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD.
  3. Really really good stuff, never heard these guys before but this was definitely worth checking out!
  4. Pushing the genre forward into an incredibly promising and beautiful new direction. Amazing song.
  5. Vocalist is monotonous as hell which reminded me a lot of Aegaeon, but I enjoyed this. Nothing will top The Flesh Prevails for me though.
  6. This is easily my album of the month so far. I think The Valley will top this, either that or be a close second. This album is angry as fuck and a step up from Animus.
  7. The album cover is bad, the music however is not. Hannes is one of the best technical death metal composers.
  8. So surprised to see a new single and album from these guys. Seeing them next Sunday and I can't wait.
  9. This has completely surpassed my expectations, holy shit this is SO good. Immaculate songwriting here, just brilliant.
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