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  1. Feels less like Gods of Violence and Phantom Antichrist and more like something off Enemy of God, really digging the "old" feel to this.
  2. Why didn't they release the full show? It seems so half-assed to do just a few select songs for such an iconic show for them.
  3. Can’t listen but this song already knocked my teeth out.
  4. What a great pop album! Bop after bop after bop. Just what I needed.
  5. It's a 30 minute experimental ambient track based of their song Aimless Arrow.
  6. I'm feeling you on this. I honestly like the songs, but they feel nothing like the songs that made them stand out as a band in the first place. The structure of these songs feels flat even with the intro to this one. I'm sure I'll like the album, but they're far from topping stuff like Sacrament. These songs sound like filler and are the least interesting songs of the bunch.
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