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  1. What a fucking stunner. I have been trying to find an album that would just blow me away this year but holy FUCK. This was way more than what I asked for. Absolutely fantastic, please stop reading this comment and go listen to it.
  2. Goddamn. Did not expect to wake up to this news this morning. Thankful for all the work you guys did, this site has been a staple for finding new music over the past few years. Thanks for everything and thanks to users for the good hangs.
  3. This is so fucking good??? Had no idea who they were before this but wow, I’m impressed.
  4. This is VERY, VERY good! Parts in this song crept up on you and were so groovy and heavy, such a neat and creative track.
  5. I will vouch for every FOB have done up till Mania. AB/AP had some fantastic songs and SR&R is a classic for me at this point.
  6. what the fuck happened here I haven't seen Periphery since their Periphery II days and goddamn, the setlists back then were killer. Got to hear Ragnarok once and man, the riff halfway through hits different live. Also everyone bouncing to Icarus Lives! is an absolute joy.
  7. Diving back in after not playing heavily since Season of Dawn. It's been like 10 months at least, but I'm excited as hell for this game again.
  8. An interesting one for sure, but it's groovy so I'm a fan.
  9. This is so fucking cool? Bands can either change things up whenever they release new stuff, or stay stagnant and do the same thing over and over again. Architects keeping the same sound All Our Gods and Holy Hell would've certainly caught them flack and honestly would've made them quite boring no matter how good the music is. They're still the same band that wrote all the previous stuff so I'm absolutely on board with this sound.
  10. This so fucking charged and I absolutely love it. The energy here is immense. This was born from events of the past few months and as a black man, I fucking feel it. I love this shit so much and can’t wait to hear this stuff live someday.
  11. I've been crazy about these guys since the World Architects EP.
  12. The amount of people here willing to look past this guy being a rapist is disturbing. Fuck rapists, fuck the music they make and fuck their talent.
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