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  1. Someone cop those 3 extra tracks from the overseas versions of the album.
  2. Slipknot will now follow up WANYK with amo 3. In all seriousness WANYK was a breath of fresh air for Slipknot. For a band over 20 years old and as old as they are, they are at a creative peak. WANYK has incredible consistency and flow and is just plain original. It’s something special and my personal album of the year (excluding Taylor of course).
  3. This is her best album yet. I've been on the Halsey train since before Badlands even dropped and this release doesn't even resemble Badlands or HFK in the slightest, this album is it's own beast and it's her most raw and real release. Feels like Ashley expressing her bare self here and it's beautiful. This album lived up to the hype for me and I couldn't be happier with it. Favorite tracks: 3am, 929, Alanis Interlude, You should be sad, Finally//Beautiful Stranger and Graveyard.
  4. Fantastic song. Hope this isn’t the last we’ll hear from them this year. So eager for new music from them. This song being from Hail to the King makes a lot of sense. It’s very ballad and has that signature Avenged Sevenfold sound to it but it lines up with how a lot of HTTK sounded; a tribute album to the bands that inspired them.
  5. I’ve always been meaning to listen to Rush outside of 2112. What do y’all recommend?
  6. She’s been so good from the get-go. She’s yet to do the same album twice and now Manic is sounding like her best work yet.
  7. Fucking fantastic. The lyrics on this one hit hard.
  8. That little chorus bit is quite catchy and the middle section is pretty sweet. Nothing impressive but it's definitely good.
  9. Fucking sick. Love the ETID vibe I get from this, completely unexpected but this rips.
  10. Unbelievably bad. Honestly some songs on Purpose kinda bop but this is utter trash.
  11. Goddamn this band is roping me back in as a fan. Great song.
  12. Top 25 Albums of 2019 Lover - Taylor Swift WANYK - Slipknot Death Atlas - Cattle Decapitation So What? - While She Sleeps Alien - Northlane Heard it in a Past Life - Maggie Rogers When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish amo - Bring Me the Horizon The Sea of Tragic Beasts - Fit for an Autopsy A Different Shade of Blue - Knocked Loose Bloodied / Unbowed - Oh, Sleeper Conduit - Gravemind Apoptosis - Allegaeon Accursed - Vale of Pnath Heart Like a Grave - Insomnium Melancholy - Shadow of Intent Wasteland, Baby! - Hozier Shaped By Fire - As I Lay Dying Nothing Left to Love - Counterparts Sleeptalk - Dayseeker Luciferous - Enterprise Earth Veleno - Fleshgod Apocalypse Eternal Forward Motion - Employed to Serve The Simulation - Born of Osiris HAIL STAN - Periphery
  13. This band started off so strong with a ton of potential and really catchy and fun songs and now all this new stuff is incredibly forgettable.
  14. @Vinny554 what a fucking banger dude! Awesome song, keep this shit up!
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