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  1. Un-fucking-believable. This shit is so goddamn GOOD. The amount of filthy riffs and vocal parts are just off the chart. Loved every second of this.
  2. Oh dude, I completely agree here. I already listened to one song here and it's STELLAR work, I love it, but I'm not a fan of bashing the more popular stuff just because someone thinks something is more interesting/better or what. I think the music can be discussed in a way that doesn't have to target something else. Can't tell you how many album here I found that I ended up loving that got overlooked.
  3. haha, rapper go *power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord power chord*
  4. This is honestly fantastic. Chris’ vocal game is on point and it’s such a fun song. The Killers are a great band and I’d love to hear what they think of this.
  5. Hmmmm, I definitely like this. But I'm not going to judge too much after 2 listens. It's definitely different than Dark Skies. A lot was really poured into songwriting and focusing on making these songs work as a whole piece. The singing bits here are incredible and are a huge standout. It's a great mix of heavy bangers and really meaningful songwriting that really focuses on pushing the band into territory they haven't gone before. The Path and Prophet are easy standouts and I love them. I'll see how I feel about this album in a week, but for now it has 2 thumbs up for me.
  6. What fucking water have these dudes been drinking lately? This is vicious.
  7. BCI and Orbit Culture ruled this month for me.
  8. Man I’ve been waiting for new material for YEARS. I’m so stoked they’re back. Now we need them to get together for a tour.
  9. I was worried the remaster wouldn't do this justice but goddamn it sounds way tighter and better than before.
  10. This is a total banger, love it! Parasite Eve and Ludens rank slightly above this one but everything so far has been fantastic.
  11. So fucking glad these guys got signed. Absolutely killer stuff.
  12. I tried so hard to get into Revenant and something about it was great but it never stuck. This one song blew me out of the water, I'm totally sold on this track.
  13. WOW. Erra is making some serious moves here. Fantastic song. Could not be more excited for more stuff like this.
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