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  1. Anyone know what's worth downloading among all the material that isn't the albums?
  2. These dudes were so good when I saw them with Hypocrisy. Really brought the intensity they have in the studio to the stage so this should be a great listen.
  3. These dudes keep putting out such excellent material. Great song.
  4. These guys have been around for awhile but they're easily one of the most exciting bands in metal right now.
  5. Amazing song. Great build up to a climactic, huge ending.
  6. This is going to be their absolute best album yet. A masterpiece to close out this decade. This is going to be more than worth the wait. I cannot wait any longer for Black Friday.
  7. I’m so interested in this sound. It’s strange and different but it’s really cool. Her pop stuff is excellent.
  8. Hope that I really enjoy this record. Opera aren’t bad, but they’ve lost me here and there with the past few records. Good stuff but they just didn’t keep my interest and didn’t become frequent listens.
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