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  1. Lauren Jauregui really needs to do a solo album, we don't hear enough of her in 5H.
  2. As a fan since Monument this is incredible. Such a unique and fresh sound from them and the album is killer.
  3. Interface is what really makes or breaks a music player for me. Kinda wish I could code so I could design one the way I like it.
  4. Player Pro or Poweramp for Android, basic music app for Apple since I have no other choice. I despise it's interface.
  5. Architects Sam Carter? Oh boy.
  6. Not huge on pop punk but I love these guys, songs are great, excited for the album.
  7. Very solid song.
  8. Oh damn this is a banger.
  9. What a great sound, definitely gonna keep an eye on these guys.
  10. This fucking smashes, love it.
  11. This is gonna be great.
  12. This is such a great change in direction. Can't wait for the album.