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  1. @Feeshmon Thank you so much for posting this 🙏🖤
  2. @ggl3dde I believe everyone was kicked out by the drummer
  3. It's a no from me.. And I dug the last single alot
  4. No order but my top 10: Currents Invent Animate Architects Motionless In White Ice Nine Kills Within The Ruins As I Lay Dying Polaris Born Of Osiris Veil Of Maya Bands that deserve recognition: Before I Turn If I Were You Spiritbox
  5. Neverbloom has always been one of my favorite Deathcore albums of all time. Though they're more Metalcore now I still thoroughly enjoy their whole discography
  6. Instrumentally fantastic Vocally I'm not sure yet, he has solid mids/lows but I hope for more variety on the album
  7. Fingers crossed this leaks early. This teaser slaps ass
  8. Invent, Animate Currents Reflections ERRA Polaris
  9. I'm going to wait for 320 but I have a good feeling this gonna slap
  10. I was hype until I saw "clean version" Hope the unedited version will be up soon
  11. Wow just wow. This rips, I didn't notice the difference from 192 until someone mentioned but thank god
  12. @good night moon I have a good feeling it'll be here tomorrow
  13. Listened to this beast yesterday. It's going to SLAP on 320
  14. @Maagg Yep, one man band as well. His main band is From Pages To Embers
  15. Alright boys, I'm going to wait until 320 but how is it? ?
  16. @98izzark Exactly why I'm surprised it hasn't leaked today ?
  17. @DekinhoDesu I've been doing the same thing for weeks man, my anticipated album besides Currents, Reflections, and Invent, Animate
  18. @DekinhoDesu Hey they're my favorite band leave me alone lmao
  19. I like this alot actually, got some Sleep Waker vibes
  20. Been waiting for this! Hot damn it's heavy ?
  21. I loved the self titled but after that I haven't been impressed which is a shame because they definitely had mad potential
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