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  1. Invent, Animate Currents Reflections ERRA Polaris
  2. I'm going to wait for 320 but I have a good feeling this gonna slap
  3. I was hype until I saw "clean version" Hope the unedited version will be up soon
  4. Wow just wow. This rips, I didn't notice the difference from 192 until someone mentioned but thank god
  5. @good night moon I have a good feeling it'll be here tomorrow
  6. Listened to this beast yesterday. It's going to SLAP on 320
  7. @Maagg Yep, one man band as well. His main band is From Pages To Embers
  8. Alright boys, I'm going to wait until 320 but how is it? 👀
  9. @98izzark Exactly why I'm surprised it hasn't leaked today 😕
  10. @DekinhoDesu I've been doing the same thing for weeks man, my anticipated album besides Currents, Reflections, and Invent, Animate
  11. @DekinhoDesu Hey they're my favorite band leave me alone lmao
  12. I like this alot actually, got some Sleep Waker vibes
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