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  1. @dorathekiller97 got it working too, much appreciated my dude!
  2. Been trying to download this but I have been having trouble. Is it out of date perhaps?
  3. @Cosmic Reaper I love you, thank you for this 🙏 you a real one
  4. I am so ready for the album. This rips
  5. This is HARD, never gave these guys a proper listen until now and I'm certainly impressed
  6. Their most recent ep SLAPPED, I hope they were gonna go that direction. They did, this is one of the best songs they put out imo
  7. @Feeshmon Thank you so much for posting this 🙏🖤
  8. @ggl3dde I believe everyone was kicked out by the drummer
  9. It's a no from me.. And I dug the last single alot
  10. No order but my top 10: Currents Invent Animate Architects Motionless In White Ice Nine Kills Within The Ruins As I Lay Dying Polaris Born Of Osiris Veil Of Maya Bands that deserve recognition: Before I Turn If I Were You Spiritbox
  11. Neverbloom has always been one of my favorite Deathcore albums of all time. Though they're more Metalcore now I still thoroughly enjoy their whole discography
  12. Instrumentally fantastic Vocally I'm not sure yet, he has solid mids/lows but I hope for more variety on the album
  13. Fingers crossed this leaks early. This teaser slaps ass
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