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  1. @dvsr Seems to be a mix of the singles they've dropped over the past year + some remixes/radio edits of old songs. They've been marketing it as a full length LP. But it seems more like an EP + rarities combo
  2. Catchy Song! Did they delay the album? Thought it was due in late August
  3. Previous singles were better imo. Bit of a shift in sound on this track
  4. Given the stuff they cut (intro/outro/prolonged instrumentals), probably going to be on Rock/Metal radio like Octane soon
  5. @krvst8 Yeah I looked it up. There's 11 tracks on the album and we've seen 7 released so far. There's still a month left until release on March 13th, so I'm fully expecting 1 or 2 of the remaining songs to drop as well (Dirty Secrets, Bones, Crooked Halo, My Demon)
  6. I feel like they've probably released 3/4 of this album over the past year given this is like the 7th pre-release single. Interesting marketing strategy to say the least! Mostly good tracks at least!
  7. Hunter's Moon was only an EP with 4 new tracks so I can see why it's not counted. Especially since this is a full length with a new drummer and guitarist
  8. Seems this version doesn't have the instrumental intro the version they put on YouTube has.
  9. Looks like firing their label whom they were with since 2nd album, via that lawsuit actually made a difference on their sound. Good to hear it. Albums called "F8", another play on how many albums they have with their standard 16 track list: 1. F8 2.Inside Out 3. Full Circle 4. Living the Dream 5. A Little Bit Off 6. Bottom of the Top 7. To Be Alone 8. Mother May I (Tic Toc) 9. Darkness Settles In 10. This Is War 11. Leave It All Behind 12. Scar Tissue 13. Brighter Side of Grey 14. Making Monsters (Bonus) 15. Death Punch Therapy (Bonus) 16. Inside out (Radio Edit) [Bonus]
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