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  1. I'm really enjoying this! A great mix of DIY sound with punk attitude, but shoegaze atmospheric, but still plenty enough energy in the sound and rhythm to keep it going forward well. Thanks for sharing!
  2. The single seems pretty good for the post-hardcore genre, a bit more of a standout for me in terms of quality. I'll have to give the whole album a listen.
  3. It sort of reminds me of a weird poppy (sort of pop-punk) version of Morrissey. Which is a weird combination. Not terrible, but doesn't seem great to me either.
  4. I'd love to see more emo / punk. (Not so much pop punk.) You didn't have just "punk rock" listed, and so much emo these days is mixed with punk (very effectively, I might add), that I'd love to see more of both of those. And when I say "emo", I mean more of what the genre describes in the pre-2000s and post 2000s... there was that time period from 2000 to nearly 2010 where "emo" meant over-produced pop-punk with lots of black makeup and a few screams. That's not what I mean by "emo" though... I mean the more interesting indie-rock stuff coming out of punk/hardcore music but with a bit more interesting/unique song arrangements and more varied vocals (which a lot of people describe as an "emotional" element) - and a whole lot of it is DIY (thus, definitely not over-produced). The "midwest emo" sound these days is sometimes a bit formulaic, but I still much prefer that sound to the early 2000s "emo".
  5. Thanks a lot for this! Fiddlehead is amazing! (I haven't listened to these tracks yet, but I'm sure they'll be great.)
  6. This is some cool album art, but the single sounds a lot more like some kind of nu-metal or something than punk rock. Not really getting a punk vibe from it at all.
  7. This is pretty good. Made me check out their bandcamp and some of their older stuff, some of which is even better! They seem to have a pretty awesome back catalog for good rough high-energy pop punk.
  8. Nice energy in this album, with a bit of catchiness too. Thanks for this!
  9. Could you please re-upload, maybe to the "Pass the Leaks" download site or something? I can't get either of these download links to load.
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