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  1. This has a really nice sound, thanks for sharing this! It really stands out stylistically too... some of it is sort of like a country/folk-ish rock sound and others have a more indie rock / emo sounds, but all have the more emo/whiny vocals (sort of ) - like you'd be familiar with if you listen to Tigers Jaw (which is highly recommended)... can't really pigeonhole it I think. But I'm sure that it's going to be worth many many repeated listens!
  2. I'm really liking this sound! A bit like some late-90s alternative rock, but with a bit more experimental/indie style to it also. Some song structures sound a bit repetitive but I'll have to give it more listens to really make up my mind about whether or not that's a bad thing. I like the (usually) understated vocals on it too, though there's a fair variety between the male and female vocals (I think I sort of prefer the male vocals in this band). A lot of the energy seems to be a bit "simmering", but sometimes it comes out pretty strong.
  3. This isn't bad for drone/ambient rock music, but I don't like it as much as some of their former albums.
  4. I'm really enjoying the sound on the single here... some strong female vocals, I like the way they crack on the strong crooning parts, with a nice heavily thumping rhythm guitar, bass, and drums to back it all up - sort of a 90s style heavy alternative rock/grunge sound on some songs (though mostly a bit poppier than most grunge, just borrowing some of the sounds if not the arrangements), others have a little blues-y rock sound to them. Nothing sounds too generic though, but really well put together, and there's really quite a lot of stylistic variety on this album (just from listening to snippets of it so far). I'm looking forward to giving it some fuller listens!
  5. This is pretty good stuff! Kinda like straightforward rock, but kinda not too... definitely has some indie vibe in there and some off-kilter rhythms sometimes... and keeps the energy going fairly well, but definitely some swelling parts and some softer parts. I like it!
  6. There's some nice sound to this, a bit slow, but it builds. I'd like to hear more from them to see what I think.
  7. Seems like some good fairly chill emo/indie rock stuff. Looking forward to hearing it more.
  8. This really just sounds more like pop-punk influenced soft rock, or maybe really soft/slow-styled power ballads... not much to make it stand out too well.
  9. I'm enjoying this. Mostly seems like an alternative/indie rock album, but with some punk attitude and a little bit of punk influence.
  10. I'm not sure I've ever really heard of "swancore" but this is some really good stuff! Love the mix of sounds and the energy throughout it all. I like the clean vocals the most (for the most part) but the variety throughout this is just awesome!
  11. These are some interesting songs, but few of them have the same energy as the title track. Not all that enjoyable or radiohead-esque.
  12. This is an excellent new album! This is definitely an emo album too, even though the genre is listed here as "Indie" but it definitely has more of the midwest emo / punk elements, though not too generic at all, definitely has its own take on it all. Really good stuff, and their bandcamp page has their older albums that are also awesome! You can also check "Sophie's Floorboard" on blogspot to get more of their stuff for free.
  13. I'm not really into the sound, but I'm enjoying reading the book series right now (by Steven Erikson) and I was intrigued by the many references in this record.
  14. Thanks for sharing the video @thebombio... this has an interesting sound to it... love the low guitar/bass/drums behind it all. The other two songs maybe aren't so good, but not too bad either and they've got some nice heavy breakdown parts.
  15. Interesting music! Twinkly emo-style guitars (even a bit "math-y" in parts), but very clean poppy type harmonized vocals... each song seems to end with some good energy. There's even a trumpet thrown in there a few times. I'm enjoying this!
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