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  1. This isn't bad... as others have said, it's punk-heavy emo (rhythms and vocal angst definitely a bit more midwest emo than straightforward punk). As typical in the emo scene, it's obviously a DIY recording and not the worst as far as that goes... but just enough to be offputting, I feel like. There are a lot of better bands with better recordings that I can listen to.
  2. This is good stuff! Quite a lot of "grunge" sound (that's probably the first genre I'd lump them in, but the "alternative rock" is a clear influence also)... very good heavy pounding rock, but with some songs being much slower and a bit mellower. Looking forward to listening to it more!
  3. The vocals in the verses (and somewhat in the choruses) sound so much like Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, it's crazy. The music was maybe slightly reminiscent of Switchfoot, but definitely less so on the chorus. Many of the other songs still have that strong Jon Foreman / Switchfoot sound to them. I generally like the sound here, but overall it maybe just doesn't stand out enough (or maybe I just don't like the song structures enough).
  4. Catchy screamo (not something you usually put together) - good stuff! I like the melodic aspects, but the energy keeps going strong!
  5. Some really good solid indie rock / emo with some good 90s-alternative-style guitars. Now I'm going to look into their older music too!
  6. Oh man, that was awesome and hilarious... the deathcore screams coupled with the lyrics and imagery was incredible!
  7. Some strongly pounding music, heavily distorted guitars and thumping drums, a fair bit of yelling, sometimes some nice rhythms and melodies. Looking forward to hearing this more!
  8. Great combination of hardcore and grunge. I really enjoyed their last album too. Thanks for this!
  9. This really has an interesting sound to it, I'm enjoying it. Looking forward to hearing the full album to see how it all measures up.
  10. If this is "emo", it's more in the mainstream mid-00s sense... mostly a pop punk sort of sound stripped back a bit towards the alternative rock sound and with some occasional shouted vocals. This single in particular seems pretty generic and doesn't stand out that well. But their past album sounds a little more varied and accomplished:
  11. This has a nice easy-going sound with some high-quality recording and a bit diverse instrumentation.... very mellow and smooth sound.
  12. Kind of an interesting song, much more rock feel to it than I expected by the genre listing. I'd like to hear more to see if it's worth downloading it, but can't find anything else streaming on the internet... so I'm going to pass on it.
  13. The single (from the video) has an interest mix of poppy alternative rock and then a post-hardcore style breakdown before going back to the poppy alternative rock... not your typical mix of styles and I kind of like the difference here... they seem to have actually blended the two sounds together pretty well with some driving rhythms. I went to their bandcamp ( )to hear more and they've only got two other songs available for listen. Neither of them seemed as good as the video (which I wasn't blown away by, but interested in), so I think I'm going to pass for now.
  14. A strong grunge / alternative rock sound with strong female vocals... enjoying this, thanks!
  15. This is some really FUN energetic classic 70s-style Brit-type punk (though this is from Australia), borrowing a bit from Sex Pistols sound but not as chaotic. The single on here ("The Clap") is really pretty funny too.
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