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  1. Has a much different feel than his other stuff, but I still really dig it. Was also genuinely suprised by how good his rapping is.
  2. Definitely hits differently than the other tracks from the album. I really like the erratic feel and focus on Will. Cannot wait to see how the whole album flows together.
  3. Bit disappointed by this track. After Resentment was hoping for more of the harder hitting stuff. Track still isn't bad, just won't be listening to it a whole lot.
  4. Hoping this is on the same level as Head of NASA, and judging by the minimix I don't think I'll be let down. Thanks for this @Summers.
  5. Dig the album art, and the single seems pretty decent. Gonna wait for 320 to check the full album. Will edit once I hear the full thing.
  6. Some Drum & Bass would be absolutely stellar. Also some more j-rock, jazz, anime, mathcore, and avante-garde like others have said would be great. Oh and if possible some more swing, electroswing and operatic style stuff would be killer.
  7. I can fuck with this. It's perfect for when I am looking for a more mellow groove. Thanks.
  8. Oh fuck yeah! Thank you for this.
  9. Everytime a new single drops I just get more and more hyped for the new album. With Beautiful Place to Drown and Afterburner this is already one hell of a good year for music.
  10. This is the stuff I was wondering about. Thanks for the link.
  11. Always loved these guys. Was a genuine shame when they disbanded. Still have at least half their songs commited to memory because of how much I listened to them.
  12. 100% checked it out for the name because I am degenerate. Sadly it's not really my jam. Edit: Comments are exactly what I expected though haha.
  13. This has a stellar groove to it and I dig the hell out of it.
  14. Instruments and vocals all sound pretty good and like they blend well based off of the single link. I'm down.
  15. Not a bad song, after hearing it looked up the previous album and that seemed pretty decent as well so I'm down to check out the album when it drops. Question though, whats with the comment section? After seeing some of the comments did a couple searches and the only thing I could find was that the lead singer was exonerated of domestic abuse after they got dropped by Sumerian, nothing about sexual assault or rape. Anyone have evidence or proof of this stuff they can direct me to? Or is it just people on the internet misremembering stuff or talking shit? Not judging either way, just curious to know.
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