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  1. Project Monarch controlling another hapless victim. We have butterflies and the sunflower. They're laughing in our faces! Post Malone, Swae, Lil Pump, and now Gnash are but pawns in their fiendish game. Bless our KL home, Lord Jesus 777
  2. Agreed again! Especially about No Sleep, that album is flawless imo.
  3. Totally agree! He has a good phc voice and he can really hit the mark with his lyrics when he tries. He doesn't even seen happy doing this, the lyrics are so negative and uninspired.
  4. badXcareerXchoice - I Wanna Be (In A Band But Am Notoriously Hard To Work With So I'll Just Try Hard To Be Edgy And Capitalize On The Mental Health Of Sad Teens Who Desperately Need Therapy By Validating Their Toxic Compulsion To Be) Alone
  5. NOW that's what I call music!: vol. FUCK 10/10 would FUCK Uncle Slam wants you to FUCK to this I just rec'd this to Grandma Gertrude and she was like FUCK... outta here faggot (she liked the album tho) EDIT: sorry
  6. Ive developed uncontrollable and unending jets of diarrhea and im only on track 1 My sphincter is pleased nonetheless
  7. Utter trash (Not really but felt compelled to continue the downward trend of the comments)
  8. That would be a legitimate example if Fire From the Gods was just a metalcore band. Nice try though /s
  9. From Ye to Nay in 3 minutes and 22 seconds What happened to you Kanye? 😢
  10. I literally quoted the person I was replying to, yeah I'm sure. Luke Holland who is an ex member of this band went on to form a new band, someone posted their single further up the thread, another person commented on them being generic and another (Dwesk) said they were like the 1975 v2. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. I'd add to the discussion of this song but I have absolutely nothing good to say about it so I'm going to abstain. Edit: more detail
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