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  1. Utter trash (Not really but felt compelled to continue the downward trend of the comments)
  2. That would be a legitimate example if Fire From the Gods was just a metalcore band. Nice try though /s
  3. From Ye to Nay in 3 minutes and 22 seconds What happened to you Kanye? 😢
  4. I literally quoted the person I was replying to, yeah I'm sure. Luke Holland who is an ex member of this band went on to form a new band, someone posted their single further up the thread, another person commented on them being generic and another (Dwesk) said they were like the 1975 v2. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. I'd add to the discussion of this song but I have absolutely nothing good to say about it so I'm going to abstain. Edit: more detail
  5. Instrumentals wise, yeah somewhat. Less weird though. And vocally way different. This guy's like Jonny Craig in a lot of ways but with slightly less riffing. This song's a lot catchier than a lot of 1975's more recent songs but still not as good
  6. I'm 25, been listening to them since 2007, and you're still wrong you also must have only been about 11 years old when DBM came out if you were born in 96 Granted, Tilian is by far their least emotive singer. He can still write a great hook/melody/chorus/you name it. And he doesn't drag the tracks down enough with his bubblegum voice to completely ruin them. I myself am definitely hoping they were a little less formulaic with this album. IG and Mothership do sound like they could've been a double album, and I'm sure AS would've as well if the production wasn't completely different.
  7. Okay dude, I'm not being serious at all at any point throughout that post so I really don't know why you're fixating on those parts. Will Swan doesn't pay people to write his own parts for him. Kurt is a great singer with decent range and control. And Matt to my knowledge has never given sympathy to a Nazi. But next time I decide to write a bunch of insignificant ramblings, I'll make sure they're 100% factual and prefaced with disclaimers reading "WARNING: BAD JOKE INCOMING. DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS PROPERLY EQUIPPED WITH A MEDIOCRE SENSE OF HUMOR P.s. - thank you for answering!
  8. Can anyone tell me if WISIRO contains Attack of the Dashing Young and Bold on this upload?? Thanks in advance
  9. I'm don't even know anymore. This has already gone further than I had envisioned. I think I still have some of Mingus's DNA that was obtained following his departure from my rectum. I could send it to you, if you'd like. Upon analysis I'm sure irrefutable evidence will at LEAST be revealed for Mingus's Nazism since that is a genetic disorder as I'm sure you know. I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth, by the way. I never said Matt sold heroin to Jonny as I never once mentioned Jonny to begin with. And I'm not sure what more evidence you need in regards to Mingus's hate-filled jowl drapes. Go see them live and you'll see it for yourself. You'll see its malice, its malignant and misanthropic rage bubbling up just below the follicles. I'm done *joking* now. Lucky for you, I need to go to bed. I'm sorry for forcefeeding you a can of SPAM. I hope tomorrow fares you well.
  10. I'll forego defending myself as I can see why you'd come to that conclusion. Sorry if my post offended you, it really was all written just for fun. I just really love this band and got excited about their discography finally getting posted in full on here, as it's long overdue and decided to write a weird little roast to celebrate. I don't actually hold any negative feelings about any past or current member of DGD. Even JC. I'm not exactly sure what kind of person you think I am, but I can assure you that your assessment is 100% spot on either way as I didn't really stop to think that what I wrote might offend someone.