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  1. Everyone talking shit is ignorant. Still not a huge fan of her music but she’s doing what she’s wants to do without any label’s influence and I think that’s amazing. Good for you. Makes sense that the Alesana lover has nothing but hateful things to say ? you’re one to talk dude
  2. The neon rectangular / every other shape was a tumblr thing before the 1975 co-opted it and before that it was quasi popular chic home decor and before that it was in every single establishment everywhere because neon branding and signage is literally an international regularity and thus really isn’t anything close to being any artists’ trademark “thing”. but yeah this tune bops Yeet yeet lit fam and the 1975 isnt too shabby either
  3. Butterfly tattoo = Illuminati branding. Only furthering the narrative they instilled so fully in Reputation. and to think it all started with her sloppy Lolita bullshit song Love Story. It’s a horror show
  4. This is the musical equivalent of getting a late night drunken blowjob from a sexually frustrated “straight” bro whilst sitting on an Artificially Intelligent massage chair and double fisting a Chicken Fajita made in God’s in-house Chipotle. literal fucking bliss
  5. From EP1 to now, she has grown so in the most beautiful way. I wish I could say more but I need to let’s this album really soak in before isn’t attempting an adequate summary besides “fucking wow” which is all I can utter atm Also lmao, that’s quite the combo ?
  6. @strawberryjellyfish haha I'm so happy you asked! Well, Monarch Butterflies and Sunflowers are both supposedly symbols of someone under the control of Project Monarch which is a modern day version of MK Ultra. The details of their methods of control are pretty grizzly, so I won't get into that here. I don't firmly believe in it, but it's fun to make connections and see if I can find any other conspiracy fans around. Like, I was actually pretty spooked for a second when posty released that song Sunflower with swae. But, honestly, even if it was real, still doesn't have any affect on me lol. I hope... There's plenty of great YouTube videos detailing some instances of supposed celebrities under Monarch Mind Control. If you'd like some sources, DM me and I'd be happy to show ya!
  7. Aw look at all the angry edgelords cry ? Warms my heart
  8. Project Monarch controlling another hapless victim. We have butterflies and the sunflower. They're laughing in our faces! Post Malone, Swae, Lil Pump, and now Gnash are but pawns in their fiendish game. Bless our KL home, Lord Jesus 777
  9. Agreed again! Especially about No Sleep, that album is flawless imo.
  10. Totally agree! He has a good phc voice and he can really hit the mark with his lyrics when he tries. He doesn't even seen happy doing this, the lyrics are so negative and uninspired.
  11. badXcareerXchoice - I Wanna Be (In A Band But Am Notoriously Hard To Work With So I'll Just Try Hard To Be Edgy And Capitalize On The Mental Health Of Sad Teens Who Desperately Need Therapy By Validating Their Toxic Compulsion To Be) Alone
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