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  1. I check this site at least 4 times a day for gems just like this. Morning Breeze is such a dope track, thank you so much for this find!
  2. Yo this is cool as fuck. I'm such a sucker for instrumental artists, please don't ever stop posting them KL!
  3. Just making sure you weren't having a problem lol
  4. Then edit it? Lol
  5. This was so forced for no reason lol fuck outta here with that
  6. They are when they're absurd lol
  7. Definition of a forced meme
  8. lol
  9. So, half the EP lol
  10. Am I the only one that actually enjoyed Feel?
  11. He solidified his position for growth with that release. It's one of my favorite albums of all time, but DAMN. put him in front of the highest selling hip-hop artist of the past decade, Drake. That's a milestone literally no one besides Em has been able to accomplish since Drake's been in the game
  12. I'm sad that my city is on this 3edgy5me tracklist lol
  13. In the same boat. These guys were played nonstop on my Walkman back in middle school like 9 years ago lol I've always had a special place for them
  14. Exactly what ran through my head lmao
  15. This made me chuckle for a good 15 seconds. Fucking perfect reply lmao