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  1. I wonder how many great instrumental albums I've missed because of misleading tags
  2. Easily the most reacted to comment I've seen on this site, well played lmao
  3. Congrats on being in the negative rep zone lmao
  4. Metal Resistance is one of my favorite albums of all time, I'm so pumped for new material from them
  5. Say What U Want is SO damn tasty. This is promising
  6. That album art is super sexy. Hoping the album follows suit
  7. I see your gif game never loses its magic
  8. This is fucking great. Syn went ham the entire track, looking forward to the EP for sure
  9. If you don't get the fuck up on out of here lol
  10. Wow, that linked song took me to places I haven't been since The Joy of Motion
  11. Saw them last May, fucking adore this band. They're just as tight live as they are in the studio.
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