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  1. How do you count out In Between but keep Beaten in Lips? BiP has one of the worst breakdown sequences I've ever heard, it's almost as bad as the first breakdown in Another Bottle Down from AA lol at least In Between has a fantastic chorus
  2. Love me some edgy band names with edgy EP titles to show that they're real e d g y
  3. Oh cool more breakdowns to listen to
  4. Dude, that movie was fucking great!
  5. What band are you referring to?
  6. Read two pages of this thread and couldn't go further lol I get really excited for new music from artists I love and it just gets tarnished with the comments some of y'all post. Just gonna start ignoring the comment section. Memes are great when they aren't forced.
  7. Earthwalker shatters bruh. Right there with you, I still get chills from the intro.
  8. Love the Pokemon review reference lmao
  9. How do you call yourself an old MIW fan and not list Soft lmao hold this L
  10. Same. If I see a household name like Jake's, I get hyped lol
  11. Straight outta Halo with that cover art! Cannot go wrong with that art style, Reclaimer is even a legendary track off the OST for Halo 2. Dope
  12. You're most definitely the only one. This album fittingly hands him the crown for the game lol
  13. Cringe aside, you should without a doubt listen to MMF's first three albums. Sleepwalking, The Hollow (personal fav) and Challenger are all amazing works
  14. I was a closet fan of Unconditional. I'm a sucker for flawless metalcore production, even if it was a carbon copy of Challenger
  15. c r i n g e