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  1. Is there a chance to upload his discography?
  2. Ronnie doesn't have a single bad song in my opinion. His talent is fucking enormous. He knows how to sing, how to write catchy hooks, fucking chorus everything. But for god sakes, don't rap in your songs. Even if it's not you. It does not sound good. AT ALL. IMO it just ruins songs that otherwise are pretty fucking good. Nonetheless, the song is good, but the rap part ruins it majorly. I think none of his songs that have rap were improved by it, more like the opposite.
  3. Uhhh Hills Have Eyes. Portuguese Metalcore!
  4. Bro, the opening track couldn't be heavier. That fucking song hits like a motherfucker. The fucking gutturals on that motherfucking pig are out of this world.
  5. Thank you so much. Was waiting for this for a long time.
  6. Amon Amarth out of nowhere?! Oh yeahhh!
  7. Shieeeeeeeeeet. It starts off fucking heavy.
  8. The song goes from "oh god Ronnie why the fuck do you rap on your songs you ruined the song" to "thank god you stop rapping holy shit this song just got amazing". It's a fucking banger, but the rap. Jesus Ronnie please stop that. It's not a bad rap at all, it just doesn't go well with the whole song...
  9. Holy shit. Where the hell did this come from? It''s been what? 20 years since the first album?
  10. This was very unexpected. I really enjoy it. Catchy like every song Ronnie makes.
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