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  1. Thanks OP. Well, this makes it official for me. It's safe to say LOG's self-titled is going to be the worst offering by the band. Lifeless and unmemorable.
  2. Thanks for the post Cosmic Reaper. This is, unfortunately, shaping up to be one dull album. LOG is one of my favorite bands. So far, the released songs are very "dry" & feel uninspired. The lack of solos aren't helping either.
  3. Thanks! I am really looking forward to the 1st listen. Love The Weeknd.
  4. Pretty underwhelming. LOG are one of my favorite bands, but these 2 singles just aren't doing it for me. Both feel very lifeless.
  5. Not feeling this one too much tbh. Thanks for the post OP!
  6. This is fucking amazing! Matt bringing back that gritty sound to his vocals is fantastic. Perfect follow-up to TSATS!
  7. Nope. I think Lorna Shore are overrated. I really enjoyed their work when Tom Barber was the vocalist. The newer material just doesn't do it for me.
  8. Damn, how they have fallen since The Blackening.
  9. This is so amazing! Deathcore album of the year so far. Eddie's highs really remind me of Mitch on this album. God, what a perfect comeback after that horrendous Self-Titled trash.
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