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  1. I can't get into this at all. Really sad that this is what they're deciding to do with the band.
  2. These guys need to release an album already
  3. 1. Polaris 2. The Amity Affliction 3. Loathe 4. Instilled In Me 5. Hollywood Undead I'd also say Dream Escape as an honorable mention because Chaos was a mixed bag of an album but the good songs were on fire and the band shows a lot of potential. Looking forward to how the grow. Polaris was easily my favorite album of the month, and I enjoyed ELYOYLT quite a lot. And while Loathe wasn't really my cup of tea there's no denying it's an amazing album. Pretty good month for music overall
  4. My guess would be because they are webrips but I'm no expert
  5. Holy shit this features Simple Plan? EXCUSE ME?? And Caleb Shomo too Let's get this bread
  6. For a moment I thought this was the debut album of the animated series Sonic Boom
  7. As much as I love this song, I was incredibly excited for a new Saosin release. Really disappointed....
  8. The music video makes me think this band is for middle schoolers who want to feel edgy by listening to metalcore and feel like they're watching porn Sounds alright though, might give a shot
  9. Oh! I heard The Only Way quite a while ago. These guys are pretty good
  10. Eh, the song is okay. I listened to these guys when I was just a kid and they broke out with Tonight Tonight and I Like it Like That. Had no idea they were even still around but either way this just doesn't do it for me.
  11. I guess I could explain. Hypermania and Landmine are the heaviest songs on the album, and that is pretty much their only defining quality. Personally I think Landmine is still good but overall I can't say much about them besides "they're heavy." As for the second one, I can only imagine hearing that from someone who either hates the band's style, or is bored of their style and hoping for a change up.
  12. I finally got around to this album, I haven't had a prior experience with Loathe so the hype was lost on me. This isn't my usual cup of tea so it took me a couple spins to really get into it. Overall it's hard to rate this as just an album, cuz that's not what this is. I Let It in and It Took Everything is an experience. There are very few songs in here I could pick out and say yeah I can put this in a playlist. The true effect of what Loathe brought to the table here can only be had listening front to back. The atmosphere is phenomenally good. The entire album is so haunting and raw that it feels like it's taken you to another dimension, trapped in the beauty and grind of it all. I was honestly reminded of Dear Old Friend by The Plot in You at some times. Personally though, there were very few tracks I genuinely got into - and those are 90% just the shoegaze songs. So personally it's like a 6/10. Like I said, it's not my cup of tea but there's no denying this is an incredible record. I can see why others would call this a masterpiece. Favorite tracks: Two Way Mirror, Screaming, Is It Really You?, A Sad Cartoon
  13. It will probably come out on the 23rd here lol. DGD knows what's up
  14. Ahhhh this song makes me melt. Absolutely everything is on point.
  15. And to think there was supposed to be 15 tracks. Also technically it's their 10th album, hence why the ox machine has an X on it. Pretty excited for this let's goooo
  16. TCBH marked the start of their transition to soft and poppier songs. It's also a breakup album.... I'm not saying, I'm just saying
  17. This is actually a decent review. Like, you actually used more than four words to describe the songs and had a range of more than a single point in your ratings. I disagree with a lot of your ratings but at least you've shown you do know how to express your opinion. Why couldn't Polaris get this treatment? lol
  18. I've never seen someone say so much and so little at the same time
  19. I went through so many hoops to get this album onto my phone without having access to my home computer. And oh boy am I glad I did. This is the first album in a while I've felt needed a track by track review for me so here goes Pray for Rain - Absolutely sick intro to the album, they really knew how to blow you away right from the beginning. Hypermania - It feels heavy just to be heavy. Weakest song on the album for me, didn't feel anything special from it Masochist - Been jamming this since it came out. The slow opening is fantastic and the cleans and screams blend so well. Love the chorus too. Landmine - It's decent, kind of similar to Hypermania but with variety and more interesting riffs Vagabond - Got a cool opening and nice riffs throughout, but the cleans are boring. Pretty good overall though. Creatures of Habit - This was a fun listen all the way through, I really like the guitars during the chorus. Above My Head - Holy FUCK this song slams! Martyr (Waves) - The start is a great followup to Above My Head. I wasn't expecting a song that's soft and somber like this, but I like how it still has its heavy elements throughout. Really great song. All of This is Fleeting - I totally dig the riffs in this song. For the most part is nothing amazingly original but still pretty enjoyable. The bridge hits out of nowhere though, very nice The Descent - Honestly this song is weakened by being at the end of the record because compared to the rest its just average. Still like the song but I would have preferred the two hit combo of Above My Head and Martyr as the album finisher. Aside from Masochist, the singles were pretty much the weakest part of the album. Overall its much more chaotic than The Mortal Coil and far less predictable. I can feel the emotion coming from it more clearly than their last album, if that even had any emotion to it. They've changed themselves up but its for sure still Polaris. I'd be happy to see them keep going with this mix of clean and screams, it works so well for them. Absolutely love this album, definitely going to be an AOTY contender for me!
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