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  1. Absolutely loved their previous album, Colours in the Sun. Never actually listened to their old stuff, so I'm looking forward to this. Thanks! Worth a listen, guys!
  2. Well, seems like my day is fully booked now. Loving it so far. Will definitely give it a few more listens to see if I really do like it, and see if it's not just the infatuation talking lol
  3. Few seconds of the preview and I'm loving it already
  4. So much potential here! Digging their sound so far, and definitely looking forward to more of their stuff
  5. That last part of Cycle sounded like Plini. Definitely looking into this
  6. Never thought I'd see my man in this site
  7. Digging this. The breakdowns are awesome
  8. Some parts of Eldritch Abomination remind me of some old JRPGs I used to play (Suikoden to be exact)
  9. Wasn't "I Can Tell" just a demo all these years? What's the story behind this release?
  10. Never thought I'd see Snail's House on here lol. Pixel Galaxy will forever be one of my favorites, so I'm definitely looking forward to listening to this.
  11. Sounds promising! Looking forward to more from these guys
  12. What the hell. This is real good shit! Always love a new discovery. Hopefully these guys blow up—they deserve it! EDIT: Just passed halfway into the album already and I'm completely sold. These guys are AMAZING. Hopefully they end up touring with Arch Echo and Plini as well in the future!
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