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  1. Finally gave this album a full listen. They just get better with each release.
  2. Cant hype this enough. If you're a The Drip, Cult Leader, crust genre fan with some great melodic guitar then check it out . It's in my top 15. Something just hits right with this album.
  3. Definitely a mix of all his projects thrown into one album. Took a couple listens but it's a fun release
  4. You're welcome! The copy I sent is 320 for those asking. So the leak will be 320
  5. Favorite hardcore album of the year so far. Just 100% hardcore no BS
  6. Dont sleep on this album, fuck is it ever good.
  7. Im a slave to nothing fan as well. And I think this is their next best record. Not because its intricate or anything groundbreaking. I just think they played to their strengths and made a fun metalcore record. I was trying to decide whether to give this or "the path" which has a nice pantera/eighteen visions feel to it and some slick guitar slaying lol I chose this one cause the next song they release "locked in my head" is almost all singing and filled with whoa ohhh ohhhhhhs lol so tried to mix it up.
  8. Not a fan of "locked in my head" kicks off with some whoa ohhh ohhhs " and makes me cringe a bit but a couple duds out of 10. "Stockholm" is short (2:30)but is prbably my favorite off the record
  9. Album destroys the last couple. This song stands alone though ,there isnt much sampling at all throughout the record. But as I said, it's their best since "slave to nothing" imo
  10. Album rules. Could be longer but definitely enjoy every song. Well worth the wait. I saw them back in 2004 with jesse and it still to this day is one of my favorite shows. The drum work on this album is insane as well. I think those who were 15-20 when of malice came out and the heyday of ferret records metalcore boom that followed will have a bigger appreciation for this.
  11. If I get a response from lord k, I'll release this album today for the site. It's a fucking beast of an album.
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