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  1. This is his first track he's put out on his own. Great freaking voice, this man.
  2. its just way too short, I honestly feel a little swindled. Really only 1 new full-length track aside for the three singles. one intro track, and 3 interludes. for what little substance it does have, its pretty good though.
  3. reminds me of a more proggy Take To the Skies-era Enter Shikari. I'm actually not sure if I love it or not haha, will definitely need to listen through it more
  4. well this is some rather nice dj0nt right here if I do say so myself
  5. Not familiar with these guys, but this track slaps
  6. @MichaelI'm not super familiar with either band, which is why I asked. FALILV has some pretty high-pitched vocals, if you had told me it was a female singer I would have believed you.
  7. Pretty cool track, but those clean vocals sound so out of place in the mix
  8. Are these the same people from Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas? Sounds incredibly similar.
  9. heard about this guy on reddit, what a banger of an album
  10. these guys put out great stuff, really looking forward to what is looking to be a new album (maybe an EP?).
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